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目前是說成 Normal Position 還有 Ture Position,但應該有更專業的說法吧???

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    "正位度" 有的翻成 "Normal Position", "True Position" 還有的翻成 "Position". 在數學裡是翻成 "Orthogonality (對的角度)". 看你是講哪一種的"正位度".

    Ortho : 直的, 對的

    Gonia: 角度

    In mathematics, orthogonal is synonymous with perpendicular when used as a simple adjective that is not part of any longer phrase with a standard definition. It means at right angles. It comes from the Greek orthos, meaning "straight", used by Euclid to mean right; and gonia, meaning angle. Two streets that cross each other at a right angle are orthogonal to one another.

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