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Asians hate white people?

I'm not saying that all asians hate white people but I'v been around and it seems like that in California 90% of asians just want us dead.theres no other state that i'v been to that they hate whites like california. Whats up with that? What have we ever done to them????????

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    i guess you never been to S Korea then, they love white guys over there

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    i think of there are some genuine racist human beings available yet, the accepted public of aussies or white as you're saying (why is looking us white no longer racist, yet calling somebody black is?? strategies boggling) besides the accepted public i think of would hate asians, black, europeans etc etc basically as much as they hate different whites... im helpful some asians hate different asians? yet its ok yeh? SO WHY ARE WE ALLOWED TO HATE human beings FROM a similar RACE, yet whilst its hate in direction of a diverse race its a super ingredient. its a real shame we cant basically see one yet another because of the fact a similar, basically human beings attempting to stay a semi chuffed life until eventually at last we re old and die... to respond to, some whites do yet why? they seem to be a##holes.

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    What have we ever done to them?

    Well, in all the Pacific coast states we (meaning the government) rounded up all the citizens and legal residents of Japanese heritage in 1942, and imprisoned them in concentration camps for years. A lot of those people had farms, businesses, and homes that were grabbed for pennies on the dollar by whites. There was no due process, no criminal charges, no right to defend themselves in court, etc. They were just herded into pens like animals because of their race. Even some Chinese people were arrested, harassed, and robbed during the process because it was all based on racism instead of any sort of legal process.

    My wife's grandfather was the publisher of a Japanese-language newspaper on Maui in 1941. He was completely loyal to America and was a very well-respected businessman. He was arrested and imprisoned just because he was influential. He was never charged with any crime, but he spent the last year of his life in a federal prison, and then he died there.

    During that very same time, several of his sons and nephews were fighting the Nazis in highly-decorated army units across Europe. Some of them died there.

    That's something we did to them...

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    In China, there is Chinese and foreigners.

    You are not one of them and never will be.

    That is just the way it is.

    I have studied China for years now and visited several times.

    I am sad to say that I believe it is a rare Asian that will accept a white person.

    But, on the other hand, Asians can turn on each other in ways that we would never find acceptable and still be friends.

    I would love to hear honest, Asian comments.

    You might benefit from studying Confucianism if you are really interested. East and West developed very differently and these differences do not have to develop into hate. But, for both, it is very difficult to mesh the two perspectives.

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    I lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA in the past. I also graduated high school in San Jose.

    I do not hate white people, I actually like them in general.

    The only white people I do not like are the redneck racist ones here in texas. I encounter them frequently and usually they are older white men with white hair and white mustaches.

    All my best friends have been white in the past and my current best friend is white.

    I used to live in san francisco and I experienced much racism from white people that lived there, but they do not know me and they probably were racist towards me because they had racism done to them, I don't know.

    Anyways I am asian american and I like white people. I get hated on from asians here in houston that are from another country because they think I act "white".

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    I have no idea what you are speaking of. I have never felt any animus from an Asian person. Why are you speaking in stereotypes?


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    I am Asian, and i don't hate white people. Although there are many white people believed in racial discrimination. It's the action and belief that i hate with people like that, they thought their superior simply because of their color. It's disgusting to think about it.

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    white people are lame and weird.

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    My boyfriend is Asian, most of my friends are Asian and I do not think any of them want me dead. Maybe you do like Asians.

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    Asians look down on us all over. I live in Michigan and they are like that. But the east indian people are worse. The people from Brazil don't like us either....

    They speak their native language because they know it aggravates Americans. They are pushy and rude, and that is putting it mildly. They come here to work, they like our money and our amenities. They just don't like us.

    Now the Mexican and Spanish people are starting it because of their uprise going on.....

    It's as if they all have a chip on their shoulders. I know someone that lost their job because they took a phone call and the customer on the other end kept getting worse and worse. She couldn't take it any more and put the caller on hold. She went to her supervisor and asked for intervention, she couldn't do anything with him. She said, "it's difficult too because he is a foreigner and I can't really understand him."

    She got fired for that. They said it was discrimination.

    I really think things have gone totally out of control here.

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