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i need help i am 5ft.2 ins. and weigh 240 pounds any help on how to lose the weight?

i would like to know about exercise and diets and how to control my weight and even some herbal remedies

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    You are probably a candidate for bariatric surgery.

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    Keep track of what you are eating. Think back to a few days ago and write down what you ate and how much. Also think about what kind of physical activity you are doing. My guess is that you are eating way too much, eating the wrong types of food and you don't exercise much. At 5'2 you should be eating around 1200-1500 calories per day, assuming you are sedentary. Cut back your calories and start an exercise regimine. Start out by walking for 20 minutes then slowly increase your time and speed. Avoid the fad diets and herbal remedies, they won't work for you in the long run. The only diet I can recommend that I have seen people succeed on is Weight Watchers.

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    Eat Real Food: Avoid fast food and frozen stuff that you microwave. Try your best to eat whole food that doesn't have a long shelf life. Watch your portion sizes: Eat three small meals (don't skip on breakfast) and a couple of healthy snacks. A bagel is not a snack. Try something like a turkey and cheese roll up. Easy. You take the piece of meat and slice of cheese and roll them up together. Voila. Protein and fat. Functional and satisfying.

    Drink Water: You want that skin to glow? Skip the flavored drinks and stick to the H2O. Boring? Add a lemon or a splash of your favorite juice. It's just a habit. Sweat 4 days a week minimum (I don't mean by sunbathing either). I'm not going to tell you what kind of exercise to do-I'm just saying sweat 30-45 minutes per day, 4 days a week if you want to have a flat tummy and toned butt. I didn't even mention it giving you clarity or more energy. Just a better butt and tummy.

    Keep Stress to a Minimum: Back to the flat tummy. Wanna get those washboard abs? Chill out. Stress contributes to the body holding on to fat. It's not about the quality of your life or healthy living, it's just about giving yourself the best chance possible for being thin, so relax on the reactions.

    Do Resistance Training: Twice a week, do some resistance training. This could count as one of your 4 sweat days, but if you want to get that hard hot body, then you have to do some resistance training.

    Stretch or Do Yoga: Keep that body pliable. It helps avoid injury, and if that's not motivation enough, the breathing is helpful in staying young looking. Oxygen.

    Find Some Happiness, Laugh and Smile Regularly: This is connected to what I wrote about stress. Happiness keeps your thighs thin.

    Go to the Restroom Regularly: This is a big deal. A lot of people have issues with this. A good diet and water will help you keep things moving. Going to the bathroom is especially good for flattening the lower ab area. Not to mention (I'm committing the ultimate sacrifice here) it will lower the number on the scale. It's been said that we walk around with 8 to 10 pounds of crap (literally) in our system. Move it on out.

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    There is no easy solution. I have found that if you write down everythign you eat you really can see how much you eat in a day. That is step 1. keep it under 2000 calories, or even 1700 calories. Exercise is EXTREMELY important... not lifting weights, but running, stepping, aerobics. Work your way up, do not go all out right awya because you may hurt yourself and burn yourself out right away. But work your way up to say running for 15 minutes, and every time you run add a minute. You need to get your body and metabolism rolling and used to it, so when you do these things the correct things happen. Which leads me to my last suggestion. Cut the sugary stuff out, nothing will screw up your metabolism like High Fructose Corn syrup. Drink Diet, stay away from the sweets and use the artifical sweetners.

    Source(s): Dated two girls who were in 200's and made there way down to 140-150 respectively in 6-7 months safely and permenantly.
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    Yeah, definitely check with your doctor first, but one of the most important things is to start moderating your portions. Try a whole grain cereal and lo fat or soy milk for breakfast and lean Cuisine entrees for lunch and dinner for a week with a piece of fruit and/or nuts to snack on in between meals. L/C meals are packaged to give you a healthy, tasty, nutritionally balanced, and properly sized portion. There's a ton of em, so you don't have to eat the same thing over and over.

    From there, start an exercise program--something you like and can stick with, but don't forget to put in some variety so your body doesn't get "too good" at it (making the body react differently is where the biggest losses come; if you do the same thing every day, your body will find the most efficient way to do it so it doesn't have to work as hard).

    For more inspirational and sound advice, go to It's very encouraging and free!

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    This is going to require a commitment to a complete lifestyle change. This is more than psychical, it is mental, the things you used to do you will no longer be able to do. I do not recommend you even attempt to lose weight unless you are ready mentally for the challenge just as much as you are psychically.

    Once you are, try start with dieting on smaller portions, cut out snacks and sugars, and drink 2 glasses of water before & after every meal!! in 6 months you will lose at least a third of your body weight.

    Good luck

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    Good carbs like celery and carrots will never make you fat. Bad carbs like cake will, but you don't need to know the whole science of glycemic index and load. It is mostly NOT your fault, if you need to lose weight. The way we have been taught to eat is responsible for making obesity the number one health problem in the world (according to Atlantic Monthly magazine) replacing hunger and infectious disease. You need to re-learn how to eat so you can become thin. Not a diet, but diet lifestyle.

    Find out about fastest way to lose weight, gradual ways to lose weight, most effective exercise, good and bad carbs and anti-water. Lose bodyfat and retained water which also makes you a lot fatter (bloated). Most important-- make sure to read the last "fat loss tip", first before anything else, to see the number one food that causes Americans to be fat. Bottom of page has link to herbal remedies.

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    I don't believe in herbal remedies for weight loss. You need to exercise, eat a better diet and drink plenty of water. Gaining muscle will also help. Do weight/resistance training for that.

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    There is only one way to lose weight--eat less and do more

    This will get you started--walk 45 minutes per day ( you can this all at once or 3 x 15s)

    Eat 6 SMALL meals per day, nutritionally balanced

    Don't expect to lose 50# in a week (more like 1-5)

    As you start to lose weight add more exercize and increase your walking speed

    Don't go balistic if you fall off your diet for a day, just get back to work.

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    You can lose weight just by eating right and doing exercise. If you are not use to exercising then you can start small like parking farther away at the store, walking, etc. Cut out the junk you fried foods, pop, sweets, etc. If you want something sweet go for a fruit...much better for you. Goodluck! Wanna talk e-mail me at

    I am dieting myself.

    Source(s): Mom of 3
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    cut ur carbs. no more sweet crap. when u go to restuarants u need control. no fried anything. eat very little. muscle may weigh more than fat but the more muscle u have the more calories u burn while u sleep and do little things- so build muscle. no sitting for long periods of time. u should always be up and doin something. run every day- that really helped me big time. its hard but u'll feel so much better. eat foods that will help speed up your matabolism.(natural/organic foods) slasa/peppers, grapes, blue berries- any kind of berry, nuts, fruit + veggies really help. things that arent natural= margerine, candy, bread, chips, hot dogs ect. low fat meat and beef r ok along with dairy!! cheese and yogurt will help out. although its not always what u eat. its how much u eat of it. good luck. i lost 50 lb at 13. if i can do tht u can too.

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