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My toenail turned black...?

What caused it and how do I get rid of that?

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    "...It is not uncommon for the toenails to get bruised. This is particularly true if your calf muscles are excessively tight. It is difficult to explain but suffice it to saw that tightness in the calf causes the toes to draw up each step you take. As this occurs the toes bang into the top of the shoe. Repeated hundreds of time a day this can bruise the toenails. If many of the toenails are turning black, this is the most likely cause. I hope this makes some sense to you."

    Kirk Koepsel DPM

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Seriously, this is one of those questions that should be answered by a doctor, not the good folks in the forum.

    I'm not trying to scare you. Chances are it is nothing. However, Bob Marley (the Reggie artist) died of brain cancer. The first symptom he had was a melanoma that formed under his toenail. It metastasized and went to his brain.

  • tina m
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    1 decade ago

    Eww! I dropped a can of vegetables on my toe once that caused it to turn black and come off. The black color is actually bruised blood underneath the nail.

    If you didn't injure yourself somehow, it could be some type of infection.

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    you dropped something on it and now there is a build up of blood. Go see a doc and he will relieve the pressure. I dropped a huge jar of cheese whiz on mine years ago. The doc heated up a paper Clip and burned a hole through the toe nail. It didn't hurt. It looked kind of cool.

    you might lose the nail. I did.

    It will come back

    In the mean time you will be all the cool with your ugly toe

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    My grandmother's fingernail turned black when she accidentally set off a mouse trap. You can't really do anything about it except wait for it to get better and you could paint your nails so people don't see the black if you are concerned about that.

  • xxx
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    First off....have you had an injury to it? If so, then eventually the nail will fall off and grow back on it's own. If not, then I would certainly have it checked out by a physician.

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    you probbaly stubbed your toe pretty hard. as how to get rid of it, time.. the toenail will fall off and regrow

    Source(s): my own foot.
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    It's blood under the nail. A hot paperclip will release the blood. I did once with my thumbnail, and there was no pain at all.

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    you could've hit it or something, but I think the black means that it is dead. Or it is bruised underneath and the black is just old blood.

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    What caused it is you don't have enough fats and carbs in your diet. Increase those, and you'll be nice and chubby..and a lot happier and healthier.

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