Earth is in spherical shape....right!?

The earth is almost spherical in shape.Then how can we be able to stand on it.What abt the people on the lower & side curvatures.What force that causes us to stand on this gaint planet,is it the gravitational force! Why we r not able to xperience the rotational motion of our planet.

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    WOW! I learned about this about a month ago...

    Well, the Earth is spherical and we are being held down by the gravitational force exerted down on us. The reason that we do not feel the rotational force exerted on us by the Earth is because the Earth is rotating so fast that the centripetal force (like spinning a bucket with water in a circular motion) that it keeps us constantly in contact with the Earth's surface. Forces that keep us on the ground are the centripetal force (all objects want to stay in equilibrium but in order to achieve this, objects want to fall to the center of the Earth), and the gravitational pull that we experience. As for the people on the other side of the planet, they are "upside down"; when taking off from an airplane, we do not travel in straight lines, but fly in parallel to the curvature of the Earth, so they have the same forces exerted on them as well!


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    yes it's gravitational force, which is larger then centrifugal force .

    hey earth is having orange shape.

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