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What does "Pleading No Contest" mean?

Does that mean I'm guilty

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    It is a legal term which allows you to plead no contest and let the court make a decision on guilt.

    People misuse this all the time. It is meant to keep people who may civilly sue you from using a plea as admission of guilt as Prime Fascia evidence in a civil trial!

    Say you were plead guilty to DUI and there was serious personal injury. You just won their civil case for them by pleading guilty!

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    If you plead "no contest" it means that you are not admitting guilt, but feel that there is no way you could win a trial due to the evidence against you. If the plea is accepted, then you are still convicted, and for most purposes the government, employers, etc. would look at that crime as they would any other conviction.

    It can speed up the process, and for legal purposes it doesn't go down as you admitting guilt. Personally, though, without any other info I would assume someone who pleaded no contest was guilty. I find it difficult to imagine knowing you are innocent and not attempting any sort of defense, unless it is for very minor charges where the legal fees may exceed the fine.

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    I believe No Contest is from the Latin, Nolo Contendere. It means that you neither admit, nor contest the charges. This really isn't a guilty plea, but often it has the same effect. In making such a plea, the defendant is rather accepting that they'll be found guilty and penalized by the court, but they're doing so without admitting guilt to whatever charged with.

    I think the literal translation is: I will not contend it. But I might be slightly off there and with the explanation, so I only hope this helps.

  • No, it means you are not pleading. You are not saying you are innocent and you are not admitting guilt.

    In the case of traffic tickets, pleading no contest is another way of saying "I think I'm innocent but I don't want to go through the hassle of fighting this. If you plead innocent, the judge sets a court date and you have to come back again, take more time off of work, etc. Usually (at least in Colorado), if you plead no contest, the judge will let you explain the circumstances as you see them. He'll then make a decision as to your case. Good or bad, it will be over.

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    It means that you, the defendant, don't beleive you could win a trial and accept the guilty verdict. Done to get things over with, and hopefully a lighter sentence. Also reduces lawyer fees.

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    it is accepting responsibility of the charges - but not admitting to specifics. Penalties for all practical purposes are generally the same as a guilty plea.

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    It means you are throwing yourself at the mercy of the court to find one way or another.

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    means you not guilty or Innocent

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    i agree with every one here, they are very smart

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