Okay:Jesus has said that he is the way to god?

I believe but Christian do you know whats the determination behind saying this?Jesus was a Muslim and the thing which he want to say was this, that what i am teaching you is the only way to true god''Allah''.What do you believe?Did he said that i am the son of god.Worship me.


If Jesus was a Jew so why you people don't follow him?

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    Jesus is not the son of god because he never claimed he was

    Did Jesus ever claim to be Lord?

    "There is condensation and editing; there is choice, reproduction and witness. The Gospels have come through the mind of the Church behind the authors. They represent experience and history." (Kenneth Cragg, the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, The Call of the Minaret, p 277)

    Jesus never claimed that he was literally the son of God, or God. There are many verses in the Bible confirming this fact. None of the verses quoted directly from Jesus support Trinity or deity of Jesus, if we eliminate the interpretations of St. Paul and his disciples. We will present those verses in the coming questions. It is a well known historical fact that today's Christianity is the product of the Nicene Conference (325 AD). In that conference, the clergy established the Trinity and banned many Gospels that did not contain their distorted ideas. In today's Bible there are a few distorted verses about the divinity of Jesus, which contradict the whole Old Testament, and the majority of the Gospels.

    Some outstanding Christian scholars have reached the conclusion that the deity of Jesus is a mere fabrication. As the examples of critical studies on Christianity, here I list the name of two books: The Myth of God Incarnate, John Hick, ed., The Westminster, Philadelphia, 1977, and Jesus: Myth & Message, Lisa Spray, Universal Unity, Fremont, California, 1992.

    The doctrine of modern Christianity with its implication that God Almighty has a multiple personality, and that He sacrificed one of His personalities for the salvation of human kind, has nothing to do with Jesus, as we will discuss in the next questions.

    Two translations, two meanings

    Here are two translations of Matthew 7:21. One is from the version authorized by a king (not God), King James, The other is The New American Bible, which was translated by the members of Catholic Biblical Association of America. Notice the contradiction between the two translations in the first three words of that verse:

    King James Version:

    "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."

    The New American Bible (1970):

    "None of those who cry out, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of God but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven."

    In light of the verses that follow (Mt 7:22,23), which clearly indicate Jesus' anger and displeasure at people who call him "Lord, Lord", it is obvious that both translators distorted Mt 7:21 in a different manner. Ironically, by comparing them side by side, the true account inevitably emerges: "None of those who call me, 'Lord, Lord,'. . ."

    Our question for Christian Scholars on Mt 7:21 has two parts. The simple part of the question is:

    Which One Is Correct:

    "Not every one..." OR "None of those..." ?

    And the difficult part is: Why?

    well now these questions are directed toward you,"only the educated Christians"

    why do we need a blood sucrifice for the forgiveness of our sins ? can't god forgive us "all" without a blood sucrifice ?

    and was Jesus Muslim ? I think yes he was !

    Source(s): and this link to the people who say that jesus is a jew ! no Jesus wasn't a jew ! and to the people who said Jesus was a jew no he never was a jew !and if he was a jew why its not written in Torah ? do you even know what Torah is ? I wonder where do those people get their info. from ? and here is the evidence just take a look at this jews organization website ! and then you will realise that Jesus is not a jew ! and even the jews themselves are anti-christ! http://www.whatjewsbelieve.org/
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    Jesus was not a Muslim, He was a Jew and the son of God. He also was God -- something that is very hard for us to understand -- but God is in three persons -- God the Father, God the son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit -- who lives and reigns over God's creation here on earth.

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  • Anonymous
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    I am noting being disrespectful... But this is t the Christians

    Why would god be a male or female (you say hes a male) does that mean women are degraded?

    Why would god be a human form? and if he was why would he make us humans? humans are not pure

    If Jesus has taken all sin away with him.. this means i can be a Christan's and do all the sins i do and still will be allowed to go into heaven? And if yes that makes no sense

    Did Jesus say that he was son of god?

    If god has a son why not a daughter? Doesn't that mean women aren't important as men?

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    Jesus was a Jew; Son of God and son of man AND son of David. All his lineage was jewish ancestory. Read the 1st chapter of Matthew in the New Testament for the list...

    He said, "I am the way the truth and the life; no man comes unto the Father (God ) but by me." The true God's name is "I am" and Yahweh. Jesus never demanded worship from his followers, not ever! But he allowed it on more than one occasion...

    Source(s): Matthew chapter 1 John 14:6, Acts 4:12
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    Jesus is the son of GOD and is the way the truth and the life and nobody goes to the Father except through Him

    He declared this Himself and was born as a Jew and a descendants of King David

    and HE loves you and wants to save you from being lost

    give your life to JESUS today

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    Jesus was a Jew. And did say that he was the Son of God. He also said, "before Abraham was I AM." The same as the God of the Old Testament (Yahweh) swore upon Himself since there was no other higher to swear upon - I AM.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jesus was a Jew not a Muslim. He wants to lead you to his father also the God of the Hebrews (Jews)

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  • Suomi
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    1 decade ago

    I am surprised from where this belief started that he claimed himself to be Son of God?

    There is not single letter in the Bible stating he is Son of God ( even taking into attention the fact that Bible was written by 4 different people, I mean gospels).

    It is very easy way of life indeed- to "believe in Savior Jesus, Son of God" and remain what you are. Very optimistic for sinners

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jesus is the way the truth & the life! Sometimes I don't think people know what worship really means. God is just showing us the best way to go to make it into His Kingdom.

    Source(s): www.tomorrowsworld.org
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  • 1 decade ago

    Jesus is not the son of god. He never claimed he was, that was just made up by men.

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