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What is Esq?

In professional titles, a lot of people would put Esq. next to their name. I.E. John Doe, CPA, Esq.

Question, what is the meaning of Esq.? What does it stand for and how does an individual get that title?

Feel free to answer in English.

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    Esquire (abbreviated Esq.) was originally a social rank above that of mere gentleman, allowed, for example, to the sons of nobles and gentry who did not possess any other title. A gentleman, on this basis, was designated Mr (before his name) whereas an Esquire was so designated (with no prefix before the name) after his name. A very late example of this distinction can be seen in the list of subscribers to The History of Elton by the Rev. Rose Fuller Whistler, published in 1882, which clearly distinguishes between subscribers designated "Mr" and those, of higher social position, designated "Esquire". Although somewhat old-fashioned, "Esq." is still widely used in upper class circles.

    In the United States, there are no titled gentry or nobility, but the suffix "Esq." is commonly used to indicate gentleman of noble European birth who are American and may also be used to indicate that an individual is a lawyer, albeit not exclusively as there are no legal restrictions on the use of this suffix in the United States. This is a remnant of the United Kingdom practice, in which barristers claimed the status of Esquire and solicitors used the term "gentleman." In the United States, these separate roles of legal counsel have been combined.

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