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In the Mayan Calendar, what are the "Lords of the Night"?

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    I found this answer: "Eric S. Thompson first determined that this cycle was used as a component of Mayan dates back in the thirties. He speculated (and it is still a speculation) that the nine-day cycle of G glyphs corresponded to a nine-god association of nine Lords of the Night in common usage among the Aztecs. Each day in the Calendar is under the influence of a particular Lord of the Night (G-Lords), and the cycle began on day 0 of the Mayan calendar."

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    There are 9 Lords of the Night who rotate, and the names I've seen for them (primarily through Bruce Scofield's work) are all Aztec, not Mayan. They are not attached to any particular day sign. Today's is Cinteotl.

    Source(s): My sites which include information on the Mayan & Aztec calendars:
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