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Singapore commits to LNG for energy diversity?

(Yahoo August 07,2006) SINGAPORE, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Singapore has decided to go ahead with liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports to meet future energy demand and ease its dependence on piped supplies from Indonesia and Malaysia, the trade minister said on Monday.

"We need to diversify our energy sources in order to ensure that we are not over-reliant on a single source for our energy needs," Lim Hng Kiang told an energy forum organised by the Energy Market Authority (EMA).

"As such, the government has decided to import liquefied natural gas to meet future rising demand for energy as our economy expands and our population increases."

A study prepared by Tokyo Gas Engineering Co. commissioned by the EMA has recommended building an LNG terminal to receive 3 million tonnes per year (tpy) by 2012.


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    Singapore is smart. Indonesia and Malaysia are both Muslim countries. With Muslim generated problems in the Middle East and around the world, perhaps Singapore was just taking extra precaution. other non-Muslim countries in Asia should do the same.

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