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what are chat rooms?

are chat rooms the same as instant messaging like when i chat with my son on aim

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    Chat rooms and Instant messenger a.k.a IM are not the same.

    Chatting with your son is called IM - that is a personal messaging system that you type in a message, your son sees it vics versa. Only you and your son.

    Chat room is a general chat room wher lots of people can join and type in messages at random and whoever that's in the room sees the message. There's no personal system there as long as anyone's in the room, they can see what is been typed in into the chat box.

    So if you want to talk one on one you'll go IM

    Hope you got that?

    Have fun both on IM and in the Chat room.

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    no chat rooms are a group of people get together in rooms of about 25-45 people who all have a common interest and visit room are titled things like"teen room."the reason people go to this site is cause they know some one there and the are bored and want to meet new people. kinda like a club or a village.and instant message only your son can see in a chat room an every one in the room can see and respond to ypu message. there might even be a chat your were mother have the same questions as you! have fun

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    A chat room is an instant messaging but, there's differences, example you join or create Channels or rooms, where people can join, there are Channel Operators that can kick or ban people. that's the idea, good luck

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    A chat room is just a place where a large group of people can talk to each other at once.

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    Yes your are right. It is something similar. I would say MSN and alikes are more personal. The chats is created for you on request and you have the control to invite the chosen ones unlike public chatrooms.

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