Bush: "it's time to address the root causes of our problems". Does Bush really know the "root causes"?

The main root cause of our (United States) problems is our continuing "right or wrong" blind support of the militaristic Israeli Government. Every one of our bombs, missiles and tanks Israel employs just adds dozens, if not hundreds of recruits to Arab extremist groups such as Hezbollah. It's hard to believe Bush and his advisors can't see this. If they don't, they're incompetent. If they

do, they're demagogic sophists for failing to act based on the truth.

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    I'm sure that what you mention could be construed as a problem but it's not the main problem. This administration has done so many wrongs to the people of the United States it is strange to think there are those to actively support him. He is a walking news blip with quick answers to some of the most toughest questions that have been imposed on America since the cold war. Imagine if Bush had been in power when the Cuban Missile Crisis went down.

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    Bush probably thinks the "root causes" come from some kind of tooth decay. He's a moron. AND, he's the most incompetent, evil, corrupt, arrogant, cowardly leader of the free world EVER to occupy the White House. -RKO-

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