About the situation between LEBANON and israel?

Are you with lebanon or israel in this war? and y?

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    Israel attacked Lebanon unprovoked. Lebanon has done nothing to Israel.

    American citizens are tired of Israel overreacting and dropping thousands of bombs that read 'Made in USA' onto innocent people.

    People are looking for ways to get Israeli aid cancelled, both financial and military.

    Then Israel may thinkl twice before attacking, and use diplomatic channels first.

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    6 years ago

    Israel is not a nation (It is a group of Semitic people). They have no need to steal land from the Palestinians.

    Learn the truth about Khazars - 90% or more of the people who are claiming to be Jewish are lying through their teeth. They have no Semitic blood. They are greedy evil people masquerading as Jews and have taken over most of the Banks and Currency on Earth. And they plan to rule Earth from Jerusalem.

    The Balfour Declaration that created the state of Israel was a TOTAL SHAM cooked up by Khazar Zionists in Great Britain, namely the Rothschilds. It is not acceptable to any court on earth, except maybe the Israeli Courts.

    Brother Nathanael has the best information that exposes the Jewish (Khazar) takeover of the United States.


    David Duke also.


  • 1 decade ago

    I'm for the organization that calls both wrong. Organizes and pay peacekeepers. Gets the G-8 to use money promised Israel to rebuild Lebanon if they disarm demented killers, while not rewarding Israel for acts against humanity.

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    I still cannot believe that New York City lost two towers and 3000 people. It seems people have more to debate about Lebanon and Israel, rather than have concern of our own tragedy. Let's see, if a military operation like Hezbolah took over a town in Canada and started firing missiles at the US, are we not in turn going to go in and defend ourselves? This is what is going on in Lebanon and Israel and unfortunately children are getting killed. Let's stick to the facts... it helps.

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    Same as the previous answer, I am with the Lebanese and Israeli people, but completely disgusted with the militaristic Israeli government for terrorizing Lebanon's people, destroying their infrastructure and fouling that once-beautiful Beirut beach. Sure, Israel claims it is "destroying Hezbollah", but by continuing to attack all of Lebanon, all Israel is doing is creating dozens, if not hundreds, more recruits for Hezbollah and other extremist groups. And we taxpayers are guilty of paying for this nonsense.

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  • 4 years ago

    I actual have a unusual thought that I actual have not heard articulated someplace else. different than for condemning Israel for this is heavy-handedness (as I condemn Bush for our heavy-handedness in a foreign country), i'm coing to challenge here. bear in mind that it began whilst first, a 19 twelve months old soldier became into abducted? this is as though Hizballah has a plan - and that they even mentioned so, that Israel has a large marvel coming - and because Israel's reaction to the soldier wasn't sufficient, Hizballah went in there and grabbed 2 extra, as though to intentionally provoke, or entice, Israel into Lebanon. yet why? For the vast marvel? this is as though some new child have been to circulate onto the college yeard and razz the older young ones, who supply chase, in basic terms to be lead right into a seize of fairly massive young ones that then pummel them.

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    I am not for either. I think they are both wrong although I feel Israel really started this one. Israel has been at war with others for many many years. Is it suppose to be the land of the holy? what mockery! I like all the fighting needs to end.

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    I'm for Lebanon AND Isreal in this war. Sometimes I can't even sleep thinking about it. Mothers and children (and men too!) on both sides suffering in a world that SHOULD be able to support EVERYONE. It's a pity and a shame and I feel utterly helpless and I wish that I could do something.

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    I'm for Lebanon...because Israel had Lebanese hostages before Lebanon captured any hostages and Israel is know for it's bright history for attacking it's neighbors like Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and our most beloved the PALESTINIANS

    Israel is at war all the time and we support Israel all the time even if they are wrong, i mean bush declared Israeli victory and Olmert, Israeli PM says I'll take the blame for this war...i mean WTF

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