what is Lebananian children's fault? they are being killed todays by Israealians in front of our eyes.?

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    There are some things about Kana which do not add up. The Israeli

    air strike took place around 1:00 AM but the first casualties were

    only reported in Kana at around 7:00 AM. What happened during those

    six hours? Another thing that does not make sense is that according

    to Israeli sources the bombs were dropped about 500 meters from the

    building that collapsed. In American terms, that's 3/10 of a mile!

    Why did the building in Kana collapse 7 hours after bombs were

    dropped more than two city blocks away?

    One Israeli air force spokesmen suggested that the air strike caused

    a fire which gradually spread until it reached a weapons depot in

    the basement of the building. The weapons depot exploded causing the

    building to collapse. The air force released a video from a few days

    before the strike which shows a large truck unloading weapons at the

    building that collapsed.

    Other sources suggest a much more diabolical explanation for what

    happened in Kana. From a military perspective Hizbollah is losing

    the war and what they need is a public relations victory. In 1996

    Israel carried out a prior operation in southern Lebanon also to

    prevent Hizbollah from firing rockets on northern Israel. That

    operation, called "Grapes of Wrath", ended when an Israeli artillery

    shell accidentally hit a refugee camp in Kana. Hizbollah knew that

    if they could draw fire on Kana then it would have great symbolic

    power that would mobilize the world against Israel. They waited and

    waited and waited for Israel to mess up and kill a large number of

    civilians. They tried to draw fire on Kana by firing 150 rockets

    from the village. But for nearly three weeks nothing happened. So

    Hizbollah decided to manufacture their very own "Israeli massacre".

    A news item published on an Israeli news web site reports as follows:

    "Several authoritative sources relayed

    the following report… The explosion that occurred in the house at

    Kafr Kana in which 29 people were killed and some injured happened

    around 7:10 [am]. The air force attacked the area of the building

    that collapsed at 12:30 [am]. From the initial investigation and eye

    witnesses on the scene it turns out that the building was blown up

    by Hizbollah fighters (of the twenty-nine killed, two were Hizbollah

    fighters). The Hizbollah fighters prepared the charges and waited

    for an air force jet. When the [air force] bombed nearby buildings

    early in the morning, Hizbollah detonated the charges in the

    building in which the 29 people were killed including the two

    Hizbollah fighters."

    The report was published in Hebrew at:



    We may never know what happened during those missing six hours. But

    the world does not really care. All they see are pictures of dead

    children. The fact that the madman with the gun is to blame – either

    directly or indirectly – is only rarely mentioned. The father

    defending his children is the criminal.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm an American, and I can't understand why your groups can't get along over there. Why can't you leave each other alone and live in peace? What is it going to take? It's up to YOU, not up to the rest of the world, to make you people stop. Israel and Lebanon citizens need to join forces and expel terrorism (murderous rogue organizations like Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, etc. etc.) Tell these crazy groups to stop. Why doesn't Lebanon and Israel join forces to expel terrorism? If the citizens of each country want peace, then why aren't they working together to make it happen?

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    I still remember the pictures of the dead little children pulled out of the rubble, with there eyes wide open!. They want to ask why, but they were never given the chance. How can someone justify such brutal crimes, I don't understand!

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    Of course the Lebanese children don't deserve to die. The Israeli children don't deserve to die. The Iraqi children don't deserve to die. And on and on. . . One of the terrible things about wars is all the innocent people who are injured and killed. Wars don't solve anything; they just lead to more wars. If a country wins a war it doesn't prove they are right, it just proves they are stronger.

    Wage peace!

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Lebanese children are blameless, as are the Israeli children who have been killed by the indiscriminant rocket attacks by Hezbolah into strictly civilian areas.

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    That's exactly what Hezbollah wants us to think...Ive seen pictures of little babies from Lebanon that appeared to already be in Rigor Mortis...and it seems as if the Hezbollah azzholes planted these children to appear as if they were all killed by Israel bombs and rockets...

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    i agree its not their fault,but its also not the Israeli children's fault,they also have been killed and seen horrific things in the past few weeks!! why do people only look at one side of the picture??

    blame it all on the Hezbollah,they started this war!!!(they hide behind family's cause they are cowards...)

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    Israel are avenging for what Hitler did to them a few years back. This should be called, Lealocast! I forbid the use of excessive force on someone. Thats like a cop shooting the crap out of me for stealing a little pen. By shooting I mean, shooting me on my toes, then my knee cap, then my private area, then my stomach, then my arms, then my shoulders, then finally my head or heart. Its horrible what the Israels are doing.

    Pssst, I think Hitler did a crappy job.

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    You need to tell you government to help abolish the terrorist organization known as Hezbollah.

    Hezbollah is using the people of Lebanon as human shields. The people of Lebanon need to treat Hezbollah like the criminals that they are.

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe if your people weren't so ignorant that they knew that the words are 'Lebanese' and 'Israelis' then they'd have the power to do something.

    You'e a living example of how people dont give a sh!t, and you dont even know it. Worse even you care more than most.

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