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i need a science fair project. i want to study something on like a body part. like a foot.?

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    If you want your project to be eligible for lots of $$$ and awards, you need to follow the rule of the International Science and Engineering Fair. ISEF rules will not let you do any experiment where anybody gets hurt (including yourself) or even has the potential to get hurt.

    Maybe you could do a study of how the size/length of a person's foot relates to something else (besides the obvious thing that everyone thinks of). The human body has lots of interesting relationships, like the distance of the forearm has something to do with predicting intelligence. You will want to do a lot of background research to pick your best topic (google is great for that) and then talk with your teacher about how to best set up the experiment.

    Let your mind wander, and have fun!

    Source(s): Science fair sponsor (teacher) who's had kids win trips to the International Fair the past two years.
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    Document the healing process through daily photos and make a slideshow. You can cut yourself on the foot, or do two or three different minor injuries and show how they heal, compared with each other. I think that would be cool. Make sure you and the camera are positioned in the same way with the same lighting for each picture.

    With digital cameras you can document all sorts of things like you never could before. Even fruit getting moldy would be cool.

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    In 10th grade I over hared some girls talking about how there nails grew thicker after the dissections we had done. Afterward I paid 10 to paint the nails of one hand with formaldehyde and compared the difference with calipers. I got an "A"

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    When I was in 7th grade, I tested the difference in reflexes between boys and girls. I used the 'yardstick drop', where you drop a yardstick between their finger and thumb and see how many inches it drops before they can grab it. Girls had faster reflexes on average, by a couple inches.

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    I think the Mentos/Diet Coke experiment is what you should do.

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