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Is it possible to repair auto window tint?

I have a small tear in the window tint on my car. Is there a way to repair the tear or stop it from tearing more?

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    Yes and no, have to replace the window tint, it'll look much better anyway. Use finger nail clear polish (temporary repair)

    Tint usually doesn't keep tearing, it's totally glued unless it's of low quality and lifting. But, you can use a razor blade and cut the extra thats lifted up.

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  • In short, no. Your best bet would be to remove the old tint and replace it. Fingernail polish remover works well to break down the adhesive holding on the old tint. Replacement tint is readily available at your local parts store—also at super-centers like *gulp* Wall Mart. General directions are often included with the Tint. If you are addressing the tint of a side window that rolls up and down, when you re-tint the window, leave a gap of un-tinted glass where it will rub when it is closed. When properly done, this will leave a strip of clear glass when the window is partially rolled down; however, the tint will be seamless when the window is rolled up while preventing the wear that is common of moving windows. Often times the removal of the window is required (if not, than I recommend removal of the window anyway). It sounds more intimidating than it truly is. Obtain a Chilton or Haynes manual for around 20 bucks (available at your local parts store) and it will walk you through the removal and installation of the window (ignore the last if it is a fixed mounted window). Follow the instructions that come with the tint while you have the window out, and you will be back to driving in the ever present privacy and shade provided by a quality tint job. Not to mention the satisfaction of having performed the job yourself. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at: internet_automotive_technician

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    yes and might get better results from just taking all the exinsting tint off that window. then you might just have to put the tint back on.

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