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I need help with finding an email address for gloria estefan to complain about a concert?

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    This is how u can do a search for the person u r looking for.

    Type in the address bar where abcd is the user id. U will be able to find the person's profile available with yahoo.

    Please click the above link. There u will find "Find People" There u will find a search box. Click the arrow of the box, out of drop down menu select yahoo ID, enter the yahoo id in the search box , click Find People now. Yahoo will display the info about that person whatever has been provided to yahoo.;j...

    Please click the above links. It will also help u.

    If interested in finding Indian members of Yahoo! Directory, then please visit the following link.

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  • 1 decade ago This site has an address for the office of Gloria.

    I have not found an email address as of yet, but will continue to look.

    Source(s): Yahoo search
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