What to expect at Disabilty Determination Exam?

I am being sent to the disablity doctors Tuesday for disablity determnation. I suffer from a serious head injury. What can I expect to happen during this exam?

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    Excellent question. Here are my qualifications for answering this question.

    1) I've successfully managed the symptoms of MS for over 45 years.

    2) I was an HR Executive for over 30+ years, and combined my professional and personal expertise in creating a website dedicated to assisting folks with "chronic disease symptoms" better document, communicate, corroborate, and manage their symptoms and the resulting impairments to become expert patients; chronic disease self-managers; and, partner with their doctors to practice patient-centered health care.


    My website contains tons of information in 2 blogs, downloadable free articles and self-help ebooklets, and the Disabilitykey Workbook which contains over 100 pages of how to processes and actual forms - blank and completed examples - to assist folks.

    3) I have authored a free downloadable ebooklet that discusses precisely why the Social Security determines that someone is not disabled.

    So, let's talk about your upcoming visit to the SSA doctor.

    First of all, you have to understand that diseases alone do NOT qualify someone as being disabled.

    Here's what does:

    Do you have symptoms that adversely impact your normal daily living activities - both at home and at work - that impair you from performing "gainful employment" that you personally could perform given your age, education, and prior work experience that can earn you as a minimum $830 per month (as of 2006).

    Social Security uses what is called an RFC/PCE - Residual Functional Capacity/Physical Capacity Evaluation document, completed by either your doctor, or, in your particular case, their doctor. In that document, the doctor assesses your physical, mental, and other skills to determine whether you can perform "gainful employment".

    If you want to review a copy of the RFC/PCE ahead of time, and see a completed example, please email me by clicking onto my yahoo name, or send me an im, and I'll get back to you tomorrow. Also, I'll send you, as an attachment to an email, a copy of my document that explains this process in great detail.

    In this way, you can be better prepared for the upcoming exam.

    Best of luck, and I look forward to assisting you.

    Source(s): Personal and Professional expertise. http://www.disabilitykey.com/
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