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what do you tjink of madonna's imitation of Christ's crucifixion in her concert??? was it blaphemous???

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    Jesus would of loved it

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    I think that madonna is living in the past. She can't understand why people don't think about her or go to her shows any more. I think she needs to quit being a public figure. Her music has become simply remixes of old songs from the 70s and her shows have become desperate cries for attention.

    She has lost her shine and it is time for her to step aside before she embarasses herself any further.

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    Mmmm I think that Madonna doesn't do anything without wanting to recieve a strong reaction, good or bad it's publicity for an ageing pop star who is running out of ideas

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    An interesting publicity stunt, which she is really getting too old for. I think she should retire while she still has some dignity left.


    It is blasphemous, which is the whole point. It has got people talking and so was a good & successful pub' stunt.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think that Madonna wants shock! This isnt the 1st time for this nor the last...she will keep doing it. I don't care either way she does what she does people love her or hate her but thats who she is

  • 1 decade ago

    Cant be anymore than what she has already done. I read once her necklace broke and her crucifix fell into her pants as she was dressing. She told everyone that even god is trying to get into her pants.

    The pope wanted to see her long ago and she told her staff the pope can buy a ticket like everyone else.

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    I think it's in very poor taste, but I don't think it's blasphemous. Now if she really died during it, and then rose again 3 days later - then I would be worried. But she's just Madonna.

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    Yes, it's blasphemous. But I still like Madonna.

  • 1 decade ago

    She was just doing a show thats it . She new peaple would react to it and they did just like they did before. no big deal . it does not mean she dont belive in god or anything else for that matter i wish people would not be so shocked to see a PR stunt

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    Anything goes these days. Marylin Manson put his penis on a man's head at one of his concerts. I won't even get into the sick reality shows they have on like wife swap.

  • UKJess
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    Not only blasphemous but very tacky and rather juvenile.

    I don't think many people were very shocked, it's getting to be a very tired Schick.

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