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Brazillian Portuguese help please!?

I'm taking Brazillian Jiu-jitsu with this really hot instructor and I want to learn how to say a few things...

1. I want to learn more portuguse

2. How are you

3. How long have you been teaching here

4 . I only speak a little

and any other additional helpful phrases that you think would be helpful

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    1. Eu quero aprender mais Portugues.

    Eu care-oo aprendeh mah-is Portugays.

    2. Como vai voce?

    Coh-moh v-eye voh-seh.

    3. Ha quanto tempo voce ensina aqui?

    Ah kwan-too tem-poo voh-seh ain-seen-ah a-kee?

    4. Eu so falo um pouco.

    Eu saw fah-loh oom pou-coo.

    5. Do you know how to make caipirinha?

    Voce sabe fazer caipirinha?

    Voh-seh sah-bee fah-zer kai-pee-reen-ia?

    About the last phrase: Caipirinha is the most famous brazilian drink, made with lime, sugar, ice and cachaça (a hard liquor made from sugar cane). If he's available, your instructor might invite you to try some of his caipirinha.

    Good luck!

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    Brazilian Portuguese has a few grammatical variations and accessory variations. They generally tend to borrow plenty from English and french and have a tendency to make use of a much less formal variant of the language. Because of this, the hole among Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese Portuguese is larger than among British English and American English. Brazilians can mainly appreciate persons from Portugal simpler than the wrong way round.

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    Here you are:

    I want to learn more portuguse = Eu quero aprender mais portuguse

    How are you = Como é você

    How long have you been teaching here = Quanto tempo o ter que ensina aqui

    I only speak a little = Eu falo somente um pouco

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    1. Eu quero aprender mais Português

    2. Como vai? Tudo bem?

    3. Quanto tempo faz que você ensina aqui?

    4. Eu falo só um pouco.


    1. eu keru aprender mais portugueis

    2. cómu vai? tudu beim?

    3. kwantu tempu fais que vocé ensina akí?

    4. eu falo só um pouco

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