Auto AUCTIONS: Any advice, caveats, or pitfalls to watch out for, when purcasing a car at Auction ?

You can get great deals, or get burned it appears. At Auctions, you can only start the car, but are prohibited from driving it. Any TIPS for buying a vehicle at Auction ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Check the fluids. Oil should not have the"milky" look, as that shows water in the oil. Check the transmission fluid. It should be red and not smell burnt.

    Start the car, with the parking brake on, and your foot on the brake, put the car in gear (automatic) it should go in without a noise or a jerk, both into drive and reverse. With a manual transmission, but it in gear and slowly let up on the clutch to see how the clutch feels.

    Listen for abnormal noises in the engine. Walk around the car and look for paint that does not match, or signs of body damage Look for abnormal wear on the tires, which could be a sign of suspension or front end problems.

    Set a price for the car. Base your price on what the car would be worth at a retail lot, and deduct the cost of any work it will need. Allow for the value of your time. You also have to allow for the possibility that more repairs will be needed you think!

    Good luck

    Source(s): 26 years in the auto business
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