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誰知道friend noodles的意思?

學校老師要我們找的,friend noodles的意思,不過我不知道這是什麼意思,知道的請告訴我,謝謝.

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    挺有趣的題目,如果你沒有抄錯,我查尋了一下,有所謂的 Old friend noodles (Laoyou noodles 老友麵),其典故我從網站節錄如下:

    It has a history of a century. It is storied that there was a father who drunk tea in ZHou's Teahouse everyday. Once, he missed due to a cold, the boss of Hou's Teahouse cooked a bowl of noodles with spicy ground garlin, lobster sauce, chili, sour bamboo shoot, ground beef and pepper for him. The father had a sweat and got his illness released after eating hte noodles. Thus, the noodles gain the name(old friend noodles). The noodles can stimulate the appetie and expel coldness and therefore are welcomed everlastingly.

    大致說老父親常光顧一家茶館,一天他病了,老板幫他做了一道有蒜, 筍子等的辣麵,結果老父親出了一身汗病便好了,因此這麵便被命名為Old friends noodles.


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    也許是fried noodles-----炒麵

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