i'm looking for as many tips as humanly possible to become more effective in direct face to face mktg/sales

anything and everything would be good. from the tangebles to the talents.

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    As an entrepreneur, it´s important to be good at selling yourself and your product or service. And good sales skills mean more than just having good people skills. Developing good sales habits and mastering a few creative closing techniques will not only help you increase profits, it will boost your confidence and make selling more fun

    Become a student of selling. Let´s face it, learning something new is not always enjoyable. Selling can be uncomfortable even when you know what you´re doing. Approach sales as you would approach any new skill or proficiency: Read about how other salespeople close sales and overcome their prospects´ objections. Experiment with new techniques. Relax and have a little fun while you exercise new sales muscles.

    Devote productive time to learning, practicing and selling. Professional salespeople know that certain times of the day (usually the morning) are the most productive selling times. It could be tempting to let this time slip by while you concentrate on other, more familiar tasks. Set aside at least one productive hour each day to call on prospects and customers.

    Use expertise to your advantage. No doubt you have some expertise in what you´re selling. Take advantage of your knowledge throughout the selling process -- especially when closing. Doctors, for example, close deals all day but their patients never know it. Establish yourself as an authority and rely on your reputation. People will not only buy from you; they´ll recommend you to others.

    Lighten up. Rejection is hard to take. Don´t make the mistake of getting down on yourself. Be patient, and remember to laugh when you make mistakes -- sometimes they´re the only way to learn. Your attitude about selling makes a big difference in how successful you are.

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    I have written about how to become good in sales and here is the gist:

    1. First impression (do) lasts.

    The very first thing to avoid in sales interaction is “talking too much”. This is common in most salespersons that interacting with the target audience loosens when all the customers hear is the unending “blah, blah, blah” of the product, company or manufacturer. And because of this, customers are irritated and probably the result of the sales talk is an empty pocket and a—- voice.

    What to do best in this situation is to be natural as possible. And please, avoid memorizing any speech! And once in a while, listen to the customer. It is best to know first if the product offered is of any use to the customer.

    2. Trying to sell is of no success at all.

    Selling the product should not be the focus of a salesman. The focus should be diverted to why the customer should buy the product offered. This is done by asking interested customers questions on what their ideas are regarding the product or what they think of the product.

    Rule of thumb in selling is: The act of selling creates the resistance!

    3. Ask some more…

    Asking questions leads to an interesting interaction. And interaction is the essence on selling a product. However, asking questions should not be mistaken to conducting survey. Surveys give quantitative result, which is of no use at all during sales talk. What is important on every sales talk is the knowledge one gets on asking vital information that could lead to getting to figure out what the customer really needs. By doing this, customers could build their trust and at the same time may want to engage to another business next time.

    4. Customers should be treated normally.

    A good salesman should not master the traditional “sales talk”, with the essence of persuasion on every word and action and the unforgettable tag lines that most salespersons do. This is a BIG NO, NO. Instead, act normally. Treat all customers normally just like treating a friend or a loved one.

    5. Be sensitive to the customer’s behavior.

    Sometimes, observing customer’s actions may lead to knowing their present state. By minding the customer’s behavior, one has an idea of what was going on with his mind. Sometimes, salespersons are so engaged with their sales that the concern for their customer is neglected.

    6. Be attentive during the question and answer portion.

    Get right to the point when questions are thrown. Answer them right away and move on.

    7. When needs of the customer have been figured out then sales talk may begin.

    When information on the customer’s needs have been figured out, then it is the perfect time for offering them the product.

    8. Be brief, don’t go around the bush.

    Sales talk should not take long. A good salesperson knows how to conduct sales talk with few handfuls of things that could be valuable to the customer.

    9. Connecting the gap.

    After doing all eight steps of conducting a hassle-free sales talk, then it is time to connect fully to the customer.

    10. Taking action.

    When all was said, it is time to invite the customer to take some action. Again, persuasion is not essentially needed here. Think that conducting sales talk is offering one’s service. If the customer gets to realized this, then success is not far away to achieved.

    ***original article here: http://onlinepr.gbwatch.com/online-pr/26.html

    Good Luck!



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    This is not theory, it is an actual case study.

    I started in sales because I owned the company and could not even begin to find anyone who could do it with the same passion I had, so I trained myself with audio tapes that I listened to on my way to appointments. The company survived for 30 years and I made as much as $85,000 a year, so it must have worked.

    I am now retired and using the same skills to build a successful Network Marketing business,

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    I heard it said that ANYTHING that holds someone back from trusting you or liking you will kill a sale.

    blue hair? is it holding back your sales or are you peaking? better do the right thing for your business.

    glass or contact lenses? find out which is better for prospective buyers.

    jeans or slacks. its YOUR business, you want it to be the BEST that it can. Get rid of ANYthing that hinders your growth in your business.

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    Be sincere and believe in your pitch. The consumers can tell if you're just putting on a show and if you don't believe in your product, we won't either.

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