i have 6 months old baby,do i need to buy her ticket in Pakistan International Airline?

I want to go to Pakistan ,i have 6 months old baby.i want to know ,do i need to buy a ticket for her in Pakistan International Airline(PIA)

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    Usually, babies are charged 10% of the adult fare without having a seat.

    When you make your reservation, u must tell them, that you are travelling with yr baby. Otherwise you have to purchase the ticket at the airport ( this happened to clients of mine ).

    When doing yr res. , then ask the airline to reserve a seat with a crib, so that you can put your baby in this crib in front of you ( nearly all carrier provide this service, but have only some assignated seats therefore. )

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    Generally the rule is that if the child is small enough to ride on a lap..then they don't need a ticket. But, if the child will take up a seat, then they need a ticket. Best to call the airline to make sure. They can also answers questions about car seats, etc.

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    You don't need to purchase a ticket for the baby but when making reservations for yourself,you do need to advise the agent that you are taking a baby with you. That way they can accomadate seating for you and your baby, especially on long international flights. Don't need a ticket but you do need a passport for the little one now just contact the airline and see what other requirements they have, always best to be over prepared. Especially with all that is happening now, have a safe flight!

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    i hear also that usually the limit is 12 months old. after that, most airlines will charge for another seat

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    it is best you call the ticket agent and ask, wherever you got your ticket.

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