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Articles regarding the robbery and murder of Alice Parks of University Mobile Park Village in Loma Linda Ca.?

Alice Park was murdered in her driveway in broad daylight buy two teen-agers.

This occured on Thursday July 28th. I would like all articles regarding this murder in the local Loma Linda papers, the San Bernadino Sun and other local papers forr the area.

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    City hit by string of crimes

    Homicides, robberies rare for Loma Linda

    Joe Nelson, Staff Writer

    LOMA LINDA - It's typically pretty quiet in this sedate bedroom community known for a high concentration of Seventh-day Adventists and its prestigious hospital and medical school. Here, mail is delivered on Sunday because Seventh-day Adventists observe the Sabbath on Saturday.

    Murder, robbery and sexual assault are a rarity, but in recent weeks this city has been hit with all three. The latest incident involved the death of an 85-year-old woman in the driveway of her mobile home, killed for the contents of her purse, authorities said.

    A neighbor found Alice Park lying in the middle of her driveway at University Mobile Estates about 11:30 a.m. Friday. Park's killers are believed to have followed her from a Stater Bros. in Colton. They either beat her on the head or pushed her to the ground while wresting her purse from her. They fled in a black Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, sheriff's Sgt. Leland Boldt said.

    ''It was a crime of opportunity,'' Boldt said Monday, exactly one week after 26-year-old Ricardo Barajas was slain by the owner of Nader's Market in the 25000 block of Redlands Boulevard during a botched robbery. Barajas' alleged accomplice and getaway-car driver, Roberto Rivera, 23, was identified two days later and arrested at his home in Rialto.

    Although the circumstances of the homicides are completely different, the fact that they occurred in such close proximity in a typically quiet community raised eyebrows in law enforcement.

    ''This is an unusual thing that doesn't happen often. It's really unfortunate,'' Boldt said.

    Within several minutes of the first 9-1-1 call reporting Park down in her driveway, her assailants had already started using her credit cards. They purchased gas and clothing in San Bernardino and Moreno Valley. The next day, they tried to return the clothing to a store in Moreno Valley for cash, Boldt said.

    The entire time, Park's assailants were leaving a trail for detectives to follow based on the credit-card activity and surveillance images from cameras at the gas stations and stores where the credit cards were used, Boldt said.

    On Saturday, detectives arrested Jamie Cruz, 19, at a store in Moreno Valley, and Alfredo Enriquez, 18, at his girlfriend's home in San Bernardino.

    Cruz, of Moreno Valley, and Enriquez, of San Bernardino, are expected to be arraigned today in San Bernardino Superior Court. They face charges of robbery and murder.

    An autopsy will be conducted at 9:30 a.m. today to determine how Park was killed, Boldt said.

    Park's neighbor, Claire Reiger-Berk, found the woman on Friday.

    ''I came out to go to a hair appointment about 11:25 a.m. and saw her lying in the driveway,'' said Reiger-Berk, 62. ''I started calling 'Alice! Alice!' But there was no response.''

    She walked closer to Park and noticed blood seeping from her head. Park's face was a purplish-gray. Reiger-Berk called 9-1-1.

    Alice Drury, who lives across the street from Park, heard the commotion and came outside. She said she noticed Park lying in the driveway, the trunk of her car popped open with groceries inside. The driver's-side door was also slightly open.

    She said she watched as a paramedic gently took Park's clenched fist and started pulling her fingers open one at a time, revealing a set of car keys in her palm.

    Park was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where she died at 12:23 p.m. Her death shook residents of the normally tranquil mobile-home park.

    ''I live alone. It's ruined our lifestyle here,'' said Drury, a retired high-school teacher. ''I won't even walk down the street alone now.''

    She said she will never forget the first time she met Park - nearly two years ago when she first moved into the park. Park saw Drury unloading boxes from her car and walked over with a glass bowl full of noodles.

    ''She just said 'I thought you might be hungry,' '' Drury said. ''She was just such a darling lady. She was the first one to come over and greet me.''

    Park was expecting a guest for dinner Saturday and had made the trip to Stater Bros. to pick up groceries for the occasion, Drury said.

    ''I just feel heartsick over this. I can't believe young people would do this just for some credit cards,'' Reiger-Berk said. ''We're all vulnerable. It can happen to any of us.''

    She said she will will remember Park for her benevolent nature, which often manifested in kind gestures involving food.

    ''Once I had the flu and she bought me over some soup, and it was homemade,'' Reiger-Berk said. ''I could tell she had the touch. It was unusually tasty. At Christmas time, she brought me some preserves in little glass jars. I froze them because I wanted them to last.''

    She said Park has at least three daughters.

    One daughter, Leona Ok Suhm Park, lives in Yucaipa and is a surgeon who graduated from Loma Linda University's School of Medicine in 1972. A woman who answered the door at her Yucaipa home on Monday declined to comment.

    Authorities are hard-pressed for answers as to Loma Linda's recent uptick in violent crime.

    On July 12, a 62-year-old woman was followed off an Omnitrans bus and forced behind a bush near Benton Street and Prospect Avenue and fondled. On Friday, detectives arrested suspect Jorge Alexander Sain, 21, of Loma Linda. He was tracked to an arcade in City of Industry, where he sought refuge after learning police had identified him, sheriff's Sgt. Edward Finneran said.

    The alleged sexual assault came on the heels of at least four others in the city over a four-month period.

    Each of the homicides and sexual assaults that have occurred in Loma Linda are believed to have been isolated incidents.

    2 face judge in fatal robbery

    Both face long terms in purse snatching of 85-year-old

    Joe Nelson, Staff Writer

    Two young men suspected of killing an 85-year-old Loma Linda woman during a purse snatching pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of murder and elder abuse resulting in death.

    Jaime Ruben Cruz, 19, of Moreno Valley and Alfredo Enriquez II, 18, of San Bernardino appeared before San Bernardino Superior Court Judge James M. Dorr, who entered not-guilty pleas on their behalf.

    The two wore green jail jumpsuits indicating they are isolated for their protection from the general population at the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino.

    Enriquez faces 25 years to life in prison. Cruz, who has a prior burglary conviction in Riverside County, faces 50 years to life in prison as a second striker, said Vic Stull, a supervising deputy district attorney who reviewed the case.

    The two are accused of following Alice Park on Friday morning from a Colton Stater Bros. to her mobile home at the University Mobile Estates in Loma Linda.

    They were reportedly looking for someone to steal a purse from, spotted the handicapped placards on the license plates of Park's white Dodge Stratus and thought she'd be an easy target, authorities said.

    Cruz is suspected of getting out of the car and wresting Park's purse from her in her driveway. During the scuffle, the woman fell and hit her head on the concrete, which likely killed her, Stull said.

    Enriquez is believed to have stayed behind the wheel of his black Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution as the robbery unfolded, but his participation makes him just as culpable, Stull said.

    Though Enriquez and Cruz could have qualified for the death penalty because an elderly person died during the commission of a robbery, county prosecutors took into consideration their ages and the belief that the killing was not intentional.

    "There appears to be no deliberate attempt to kill," Stull said. "It did not appear she was deliberately struck, and that the fall was associated with the theft of the purse."

    Cruz the stepson of a Riverside County sheriff's deputy pleaded guilty to residential burglary March 15 in Riverside County Superior Court. He was sentenced May 5 to one year in jail and three months' felony probation, but was released from the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside on May 31 under a federal court order due to crowding at the jail, authorities said.

    Cruz and Enriquez were arrested Saturday after sheriff's homicide investigators tracked them to a store in Moreno Valley, where Cruz was taken into custody while trying to return a pair of shorts he purchased with one of Park's credit cards, authorities said. Enriquez was arrested in front of his girlfriend's home in San Bernardino.

    The two went on a shopping spree following the robbery, charging gasoline and clothes on at least two of Park's credit cards, sheriff's Sgt. Leland Boldt said. The credit-card activity, surveillance images from gas stations and other businesses, and witness tips helped detectives identify the suspects.

    An autopsy was conducted Tuesday on Park, but the cause of death was still pending a toxicology report, said Sandy Fatland, spokeswoman for the Coroner's Office.

    Defense attorneys Randal Isaeff, who is representing Cruz, and Kevin Yeam, who was representing Enriquez on Friday, said they had just received the case and have to review it before speaking publicly about it.

    Enriquez and Cruz will next appear in court July 31.

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