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Does anyone know any makeup products that DON'T test on animals?

I'm trying to find any makeup that doesn't test on animals.

I want to wear makeup but it bothers me that its been tested on animals.

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks :)

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    Here you go...

    i found this list in a group im in on myspace.

    i hope it helps.

    Almay (Revlon)

    Arbonne International

    Bare Essentials

    Bath and Body Works


    "Beauty Without Cruelty"


    Bobbi Brown

    Bonne Bell

    Botanics Skin Care

    Burts Bees


    Clarins of Paris


    Crabtree & Evelyn

    Dessert by Jessica Simpson

    Echo Bella Botanicals

    Envi Shave Gel

    Garden Botanika


    Hard Candy


    Jason Hair Care

    Jheri Redding (Conair)

    John Paul Mitchell



    Kiss My Face

    M.A.C. Cosmetics

    Mary Kay

    Merle Norman

    Method (available at Target)

    Nature's Gate



    OPI Products

    Origins (Estee Lauder)


    Seventh Generation Brand Products

    Smashbox Cosmetics


    Stuff Cosmetics by Hillary Duff

    Trader Joe's Company

    Townley Cosmetic Product Line

    Urban Decay Cosmetic Line

    Vo5 Nourishing Oasis

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    If you have a Body Shop anywhere near you, they don't test on animals, and they have some very nice products.

    Also, a lot of manufacturers are going the route of no animal testing, and they print it on the product. Good luck finding some nice stuff!

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    The make up that I use is not tested on animals and it's a safer. But it's not sold in the stores. The company that I work for has them and I order it online. For more info call me 818-429-6500.

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    For sure i know MAC cosmetics do not test on animals. I have used there cosmetics before and they have a large variation of colors and texture's. The one i go to is located in Ingram but i think there's one also in North star mall.

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    I am not sure on a brand, but you can read the labels of things you pick up, most say "not tested on animals". I would be suspicous of the ones that say "finished product not tested on animals". Hope this helps!

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    I have created my own mineral makeup line and not only do i NOT test on animals, but my line is also completely vegan (animal by-product free). The URL is or

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    Hard Candy and Urban Decay don't test their products on animals.

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    Avon does NOT test on baby animals...

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    It's body oils and lotions in a bar. Check it out I hope you like it.

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