Why is science Ok when it is saving your life?

But it is not good enough to explain the origins of a species?

I don't see god in there working on a cure for cancer. I don't see god growing artificial organs.

You have heard the "why does god hate amputees?" well it seems pretty soon we wont need to ask that question either. Science is well on it's way to growing back limbs.

So why is it so hard for people to admit that the science, the same science in some cases, that shows our DNA is linked to a common ancestor with Apes, is not good for Evolution?

However it is good enough to diagnosis your viral cold?



Evolution doe not have to be completely right. The same science that has learned to decode DNA has linked us to a common ancestor with apes. Yet people deny this every day. There could be many aspects of evolution that are disproven tomorrow. However the theory as a whole is sound. Science allows for error. Many of the gods around do not. I could not even say that god does not exist. You can prove every aspect of evolution and still argue that it is motivated by intelligence. However, that intelligence would not be any god defined by any popular religion. As a matter of fact the only “religion” that hits the ball in the right direction is Taoism. My question is not whether god exists. It is why do people deny what is so apparently true. Are there minds Too closed?

Update 2:

If a "prime mover" exists it does not have to be intelligent, Hell it does not even have to be aware of its own existence. So disproving evolution (if possible) would not help your side either.

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    It's unfortunate that religion makes people feel the need to pick and choose what parts of reality they do or don't accept.

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    The point is, everyone has to die eventually. I guess it isn't important to god where we were born and how we died, but what we did in that time. While nobody can prove god exists, science has not been able to 100% prove that he doesn't exist either.

    I'm Christian, and I'm not so unbelievably ignorant to say that evolution is false. Yes, parts of it are completely true, but I'm not buying the whole thing. Yes, our DNA is linked with the apes, but that does not mean evolution is infallible.

    Open your mind. There was a time where the smartest people thought the world was flat. Up until, well, not that long ago, the brightest scientists in the world thought the atom was the smallest thing. You can't be so incredibly closed-minded to think that there isn't even a little chance that science is wrong about evolution as well.

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    Science doesn't have all the answers.

    Science can help treat cancer, but science has, say, no clue on the origins of life. Just because it doesn't have answers in some areas doesn't mean we can't accept science where it does have answers. So someone may disregard evolution, but then go to the doctor for a cure for their illness.

  • What science are YOU talking about? Science has NOT discovered the origin of man, let alone life. They simply DO NOT KNOW. ANY honest scientific mind will tell you that.

    What does diagnosing a cold have to do with proving evolution? If my kids have a runny nose, and are coughing, sneezing, and have itchy, watering eyes, I can diagnose a cold, myself. Science can not even CURE a common cold, yet. The shame of medical science is the truth that they are not interested in curing a damn thing, because there is NO MONEY in curing any sickness! However, there IS money in prescribing you drugs for the rest of your life...... BIG money.

    Yeah...... science is great, when you put it in its proper perspective.

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    Christians don't think it's science. They give the credit to God, not the doctor

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    and the same science that allows thousands if not millions of mothers and children to survive being born and giving birth.

  • God gave us medicine and science.

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    cuz god can't save you, life starts when the church ends

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    because they are sofa king we tard ed

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