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Who has seen a movie called "The 3 Burials of Melquiades Estrada"?

What did you think of it? It has really stuck with me, but I'm having a hard time deciding whether it was a good movie or not. I'd love to hear opinions.

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    I rented that movie just the other night....I like Tommy Lee Jones so I thought I would watch it because he actually directed that film. I felt that the movie was more about immigration issues rather than trying to find a friends home in order to lay him to rest. I absolutely love Barry Pepper and I think his acting really helped the movie along. The film helped me visualize what people in Mexico have to go through in order to cross the border. I liked the idea of two men having a friendship deep enough to justify walking through the desert during 100 degree heat and kidnapping a border patrolman: ) I'm basically in the same predicament as you...I have mixed feelings. Lets put it this way....I don't plan on watching it twice.

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