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When loading Service Pack 2, my computer won't reboot?

It's been taken down to "factory"-does anyone know what the problem could be? It won't restart after a successful loading of SP2.

Do the bits have anything to do with it? (ie 32 v 64 bit processing)?

Thanks for your help !

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  • Gonzo
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    When you say, it was taken back to factory, do you mean you have reformatted the drive, and reloaded everything from scratch?

    If not, try that first. Reformat the drive, because it may have a bad spot.

    SP2 shouldn't take you from a 32 bit to a 64 bit version, so a more likely possibility is that SP2 has a new driver which is incompatible with one of your critical components.

    Other thoughts, try a different SP2 source.

    Try booting in to safe mode.

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