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Are theses animals going to hell?

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    BURN, BURN IN HELL ANIMALS! Sorry, that slipped out. I hope now everyone will realize that the idea that "homosexuality is a sin" is stupid. I'm guessing you like the list?

    *edit* I'm morally against religion too. Say No to Jesus!!!

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    Who said Animals have no souls??

    they have senses and souls, they live,eat,drink,get hurt if deserted,...... and above all worship God,

    God says " The seven heavens and the earth, and all beings therein, declare His glory: there is not a thing but celebrates His praise; And yet ye understand not how they declare His glory! Verily He is Oft-Forbear, Most Forgiving! " Holy Quran(17:44)

    and about if they will enter Paradise or Hell, They will not enter both ,, God will make them again into dust and at that moment those who will enter Hell will regret ever being a human, and will wish to turn into dust just like animals.

    and ofcourse God Knows destinies better than all of us.

    Source(s): Holy Quran
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    What animals? I don't suppose animals in general would go to Hell, if indeed there is such a thing. I mean animals haven't done anything wrong, and the Bible, if you go by that, does say you are born pure and that animals are God's creatures and, like I said, they haven't done anything to make themselves impure. So theoretically if Heaven and Hell really exists animals should go to Heaven.

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    Interesting list. There are a couple species that don't have a choice however - like the Amazon molly - there are only females in that species - they reproduce through parthenogenesis - all clones of each other - no fertilization by any male. Maybe they should be called Virgin Mary mollies.

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    Animals will not enter heaven.

    Ecclesiastes 3:21

    "Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?"

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    The Bible says that animals turn back to dust on the ground, where they came from

    Source(s): God's Word
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    uh, where is Gods law for animals written? I did not think there was any because they do not go to heaven or hell

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    why would the animals go to hell? for displaying homosexual or transgender behaviors? i am assuming that you believe gay people are sinners and going to hell unless they repent or whatever...but my answer would be NO...animals that show homosexual behaviors and people who are homosexual, bisexual, or transgender are not going to hell. a benevolent and loving creator would not condemn those beings.

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    I agree with Pixie-elf

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    No, because it's in their nature to do that. Just as it's in human's nature to be homosexual.

    You can't help what you're born as. Or what you're attracted to.

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