where else in columbus, ohio besides half priced books can you sell books?

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    Place to go in Columbus:

    (1) Village Book Shop

    2424 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH

    (614) 889-2674

    (2) Beechwold Books

    (614) 268-4004

    19 Westwood Rd

    Columbus, OH 43214

    (3) Tri-Village Book Co

    1124 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, OH

    (614) 299-9985

    (4) Acorn Bookshop Inc

    1464 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH

    (614) 486-1860

    However, I would try selling on the internet. You'll have a better market to sell to.

    I recommend selling on Amazon used over Ebay because you can set the price you want for your book, instead of going out on a limb and hoping people bid on it.

    You can also try listing them on Craigslist.com. You don't have to only list them in the craigslist listings for columbus, Ohio; you can list them in cities across the US. You'll just have to change to text of your ads a little each time.

    Source(s): Experience selling online / Google Maps. When you are looking for a business, go to Google Maps, and type something like "used books near columbus ohio." A lot of them will have reviews, and you can figure out which is best suited for you.
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    Paperback Exchange has several places in town. Also try Karen Wickcliffe Books on High Street in Clintonville and Aeropagitica Books which is right accross the street. If you live in Columbus, look in the phone book.

    Source(s): I live and buy books in Columbus, Ohio.
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    i understand a shop someplace in vancouver called "charictors" and u basicly provide them your used books and whilst they're bought then the shop supervisor calls you and u get a share of the earnings made, yet u dont get each and all of the earnings. if u decide for to maintain each and all of the earnings then maybie you ought to attempt protecting a storage sale and sell them there.

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    Darkstar in Yellow Springs...not too far away.

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    out of your trunk

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    not shur

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