I'm turning a "nothing room" into a small library, any easy (non expensive) tips?

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    How about a small writing desk with track shelving overhead.

    I made one with two white melamine cabinets and an inexpensive white melamine counter top and shelving bought at Home Depot. The cabinets have a drawer and a door and we had to assemble them ourselves. Pick up a few inexpensive matching bookcases and you will be set. I have also added a comfortable reading chair.

    We painted our former nothing room a darker color with white trim. It happens to get the most light in the whole house. The color is called Weimarner by Martha Stewart. It's a dark taupe. Our carpeting is taupe as well.

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    Comfy furniture and lighting are more important than anything else. If you can't read comfortably, no one will want to be in there. Building your own sheling units can save you some $$ in allowing you to create exactly what you want in a solid wood rather than particle board. Plans can be found at www.buildeazy.com.

    For lighting goto thrift stores, antique shops, swap meets, auctions, flea markets, yard and garage sales for great used pieces or www.lightingdirect.com for a great variety of new lights.

    I am assuming you have a collection of books already. But if not you can find great deals at the same used sales as I listed above for the lighting. That's where most of my books have come from and I have alot...more than i have room for...of 1st editions and mint condition hardback of my fave authors. I have a yard sale very year to sell off the ones I have read and don't want to save.

    you can find furniture the same ways too. Just make sure you are buying it from a family or store that doesn't look gross. You can also tell by the condition of the other items for sale...good stuff or dirty old junk.

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    Do you have a Big Lots in your area? They are currently advertising $25 bookshelves.

    Besides books, invest in good lighting, something bright with a colorful shade.

    Floor pillows, sit-up pillows and plush "sitting" areas will make you want to spend more time in the room.

    Books = bugs If you don't already have a pest control guy coming, invest in some small "sticky" strips and place near and around the books.

    Lastly, burn a scented candle in the room while you read.

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    Well, if you don't have enough books, I'd go to a library and see if they're selling any. I know that my local library will get rid of older books and sell them extremely cheap. That is a great way to build up your collection.

    As for shelving...go to tag sales. I can't count how many beautiful shelving units I've seen for sale in people's yards. Sand them and paint them for a whole new look. If you mix many peices but perhaps paint them all the same you'll have a very unique and stylish room.

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    If you have an IKEA store near you, it's a great place to get inexpensive but nice bookshelves that can be altered to fit your space. They also have great desks and chairs.

    Dark, warm paint colors (deep red, brown) are good for making the space cozy and intimate.

    If you have room, you can get a vent-free corner fireplace unit at Lowes or Home Depot at an affordable price.

    Sounds like a fun project. Good luck!

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    Find bookshelves from used furniture stores, swap meets, or garage sales...maybe the want ads...put in a comfy chair and reading lamp...or in my case, I made a daybed from an unused twin mattress and covered it...I made curtains out of a corresponding material with bedsheets...bought some inexpensive throw pillows...added some color on the walls with stencils and paint...and I was in Heaven! I could go back there, shut the door...and be left alone with my books...and I was surrounded by soothing colors of my choice.

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    Go to a used book store, they have good quality and its usually rather inexpensive. Also if you have a theme to your room it will help. Modern? Old western? Pick one and then determine what kind of bookcase you want from what theme you want. Hope I've helped. Good luck.

    God bless.

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    White is sometimes to boring try panting the room.

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    Steal the books.

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    well great first you want too buy the wood and buy treated wood because it is unexpensive material the different between treated wood and untreated wood is treated wood helps prevent decay in the wood material.

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