when e access some websites i get error message sayingbrowser has encontered a problem & closes connection?

using yahoo browser or internet explorer certain site links shuts down my internet connection saying it encountered an error


its when i try to access rebate site for 'smud ' sacramento municiple utility dist. i also get bumped with same error message on my yahoo browser

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it's a very common problem but what sites are you trying to access ?

    anyways 95% of the time its the website itself so its like ther's nothing wrong on your side such as PC or internet connections

    so it could like mal-formed script in the site, it could very well be sites that are set up to mess up with people's Computers. i use to do that LOL. an easy solution if your not infected with a spyware is to goto Internet explorer goto Tools-->Internet Options--> click delete cookies after that goto Delete Files also Check that only box below delete files and finally Click on Clear History. that should set u UP.

    but if its a very known site that youre getting this error from then you're probably got a type of worm that deletes a Vital network file for your computer usually it's SVCHOST.exe running in the taskmanager if that file gets terminated at anytime YOU will get a simular error and it gives 60 second countdown and restart ur pc.

    but i wouldnt go that far until you give me some of the sites u try to visit. so i can see where your problem is coming from but i promess a solution.

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  • britni
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    3 years ago

    My correspondent on Yahoo messenger are the two getting the "purple Bar" with the message "there grew to become right into a topic dealing with your request, please retry the operation." replica and paste into the typing section, and re-deliver, seems after it. this happens numerous cases a consultation ... We even have the less customary yet extra hectic subject of messages not getting by way of, the place we could desire to wager from the context and the chat wait time that concepts grew to become into dropped. We returned use replica and paste, this time to view jointly the final numerous transmissions and what text fabric exhibits for the sender yet not for the recipient. We assume this could be a Yahoo glitch because of fact it happens the two at each and each end of the communique. 2/8/2015

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  • 1 decade ago

    my computer did that, and the computer guy said its because we had two tool bars (yahoo, and google) and they were basicly competeing against eachother, so he shut one down and now it works fine. Good luck!

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