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FTP i know its some kinda file transfer but it ist actually ?

can so explain it in simple terms ?

what s the use of FTP .

what is the diffrence btw downloading a file from a website and FTP ,if there is any ?

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    FTP is File transfer Protocol...

    It is used to transfer file on the internet, from a file repository.

    In FTP, people can store huge amount of files with huge size, like you store so many files in your computer. As you do transfering file in your pc, or from one pc to another PC in local network, where as FTP is handled in the internet from another location to another...

    Web site is meant for web related like displaying purposes...Even though you can store files over here, but not meant to transfer huge amount of files with larger sizes...Only meant for WYSWYG. But in FTP you can not view as website...General term websites are in HTTP protocol based.


    File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a protocol used to upload files from a workstation to a FTP server or download files from a FTP server to a workstation. It is the way that files get transferred from one device to another in order for the files to be available on the Internet. When ftp appears in a URL it means that the user is connecting to a file server and not a Web server and that some form of file transfer is going to take place. Most FTP servers require the user to log on to the server in order to transfer files.

    In contrast, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, is a protocol used to transfer files from a Web server onto a browser in order to view a Web page that is on the Internet. Unlike FTP, where entire files are transferred from one device to another and copied into memory, HTTP only transfers the contents of a web page into a browser for viewing. FTP is a two-way system as files are transferred back and forth between server and workstation.

    HTTP is a one-way system as files are transported only from the server onto the workstation's browser. When http appears in a URL it means that the user is connecting to a Web server and not a file server. The files are transferred but not downloaded, therefore not copied into the memory of the receiving device.

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    FTP = File Transfer Protocol

    FTP is transmitted over port 21 by default and it can be secured. It is also a separate program/service from a web server where you can designate an area for files that are available over FTP. It's what we all used prior to peer2peer networks.

    HTTP downloading is just a link to a file.

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    FTP is used for managing whole directories and file structures on a remote machine. It is also a protocol that can work across different operating systems(OS). I use FTP to manage my websites. You can browse for a list of files, including dates and sizes. Rename files, delete files, make directories. So FTP is used for managing files. Whereas an HTTP file download does not allow for managing the files only transferring the file into your computer.

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    FTP and downloading are similar.

    When you 'download' you taking a file from another server and placing it into your pc to access at your convenience.

    If you 'upload' your sending a file from your pc directly to the FTP or web site's server.

    Maybe this will help:

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    hi -- report circulate Protocol (FTP) is the legacy approach of sending a report from one computer to a distinctive. those days of email attachments it would desire to look unusual to have a protocol committed to easily sending and receiving documents. actually that when you deliver an linked checklist it is going to an email account the place the recipient is in charge for the place the checklist finally is going. With FTP your computer is sending a checklist to a distinctive computer. the properly suited itemizing of that computer is exact. So the checklist isn't basically sitting in an in-container someplace ... it quite is in a itemizing the place it quite is utilized and accessed. many cases in web pages the information are moved using FTP so the internet website is at once as much as date. desire that facilitates, bill

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