why girls r so sensitive & emotional & understanding than boys?

why boys dont have understandin & truth & why they r moody...why they show tht they r smarter,,y they show off...wat they wana show..cant they b themselves their nature keep one changing is it true...Y guys r yuck sumtimes??

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    Yes, guys r yuck sumtimes.

    I think women are given more social training, and social training is considered to be more important for women.

    Also, women are on average more involved in child raising; which is a compassion and considerations building constant exercise - making them more mature and socially intelligent.

    Boys can be at moody extremes because they are sometimes less trained to ideal, interpret, and deal with there emotions.

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    Please do not generalize the idea. Some other guys are like that but some are not,though. You can say that girls are senstive and emotional because girls are really like that...some girls are so weak to control their emotions. Weak to hide the pain. In other words, girls are expressive. You can also say that boys dont know to understand because some boys are afraid to show their feelings. Because boys think that they are tough on the outside and ready to defend their loved ones but the truth is...they are just sensitive at heart. They are just hiding it..and for boys,it is such a secret place...the land of tears.

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    it relies upon on u and wen u r taking the decission dont think of abt others justt think of abt your self u shud think of abt whom u love u r going to spend the entire life with the guy u r going to marry........and dont hink abt mum and dad or others in this becoz u r unlikely to stay with mum and dad or others for the ret of your life...........desire this helped u somewhat atleast..............

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    1 decade ago

    i hope they change one day so that they can express their feelings and be senstive.

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