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Whatdo you think the hint can be?

Some one says, "If you smile more, you'll be more attractive." If you hear this comment, what do you make of it? Do you think there's any hint in this comment? If yes, what is it? Would you want to keep in touch with this person who says this to you or would you rather give up on this person? Thanks for your input, and sincere and serious answers only.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    do you frown alot? i dont think smiling is the issue. youve got a thing for someone and thats the only complement theyve given you. just a guess.theres only one way to find out. be assertive, bold if you will. youve got nothing to lose, ask them out for a drink, or a cup of coffee. ive heard that myself and found that the person was interested. unfortunatley they were married, but oh well. if you give up, you will never know.

  • 1 decade ago

    the hint is that you are ugly so you should smile more in order to lower your ugly level

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