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Achy runner's knees?

I used to be an avid runner, but I can't run as often anymore because I have too much knee pain. I'm only 27. Does anyone else have this problem, and do you have any idea what I can do about it? I want to get back to running everyday.

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    This is pretty typical for runners, you might want to consider wrapping them for awhile, either the ace bandages or the one piece ones you can get at wallymart. They are miracle workers. They will support your knees and help them while they heal up, then you can start running slowly again. This is what you would do: put the bandages on when you can, when you're in for the rest of the day, and wear them to bed. As much as you can wear them, do this for a good week, and start strengthening your quads after this, slowly and easy. If you have access to a gym the quad machine would be good or squats with a ball against the wall. Strengthen them slow and easy, as you want the knees to heal.

    This will be a test of your patience! If you have any warm water available you could soak in this too, or do some exercises in it. (swimming)

    These wraps will really help you if you will wear them consistent, I know it's a pain, but they work. I've had injuries during the years I've taught classes, and I use them when I need to. I've taught classes with both knees wrapped before. Hope this helps.....

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    I had pain too and simply put, it could be a number of reasons.

    I went to my primary care doctor who is an avid runner and he checked my feet for arch structure. He recommended to buy good running shoes and speak to the store about arch support. Next, when you run, stretch a lot both before and after (especially your quadriceps and hamstrings). Also, don't run everyday, take a few days off and when you start, take Advil (ibuprofen) before and after to avoid pain and swelling. Give it some time and soon you should be able to run with no or minimal pain.

    If the pain does not get better with all these steps taken, probably consider seeking an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation of your knee joints - and possibly consider power walking or another less stressful impact exercise - as some people are just not built to run.

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    Glucosamine chondroiton! I sware by it........I had pretty serious arthritis and it helps incredibly well.........I would almost call it a miracle. You should also try some essential oils. My old boss used frankincense on his wifes feet every night while she trained for the Boston Marathon last year........she was prone to foot issues but it helped so much her running buddys think Dave is a god! I personally only use Young Living Essential Oils.....it isn't cheap but its cheaper than a doctor. You can alway see if you can find a massage therapist in your area that uses that brand and try a massage with it, if it works, buy some. If not your not stuck with a bottle you won't use. But trust me, it will work and its incredible!

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    running is horrible for your knees. i had the same problem when i was in the marines. they used to run us retarded. try swimming for a while and give your joints a break. its zero impact, and actually some of the best exercise you can do, it pretty much works out everything. otherwise i might suggest running on a flat surface, like a track at a high school or something. hills will kill your knees.

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    Is not an uncommon situation.. often there is a slippage of the cartilage in the knee which can become very sore and painful.. There is a simple procedure to reduce it but, first check and see if there is tenderness either on the inside or outside of the knee joint itself... if you want to know what the procedure is, contact me.

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    Get one of those one-piece ace bandages for the knee. They're lightweight and a Godsend. Then, just take it easy and don't push so hard so you can enjoy yourself. Running through pain is no fun. Been there and done that-it's not worth it. You must have injured it somehow so it needs time and care.

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    You wearing good shoes? If you can not get back to running, I use a Nordic Trak because of bad knees. It offers great exercise and does not bother my knees at all!

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    Knees are sturdy.. yet working too a lot isn't sturdy.. You strengthen some water construct up on your knees.. Alot of athletes get it, and that they get arthroscopic surgical treatment.. to do away with the construct up water interior the knees.

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    Been there.. I'm 40 and just started feeling that. I have gotten better since I started drinking 1,500 mg of Liquid Condrotin. It lubricates your joints. They sell it at Sam's by the med isle. You'll feel better soon.

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    Potassium. I hear massaging castor oil on your knees helps. Drink pure orange juice and bananas are a good potassium source. LOL

    Source(s): I massage olive oil or castor oil on my knees and it seems to help my arthritis in my knees.
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