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Can my wife receive BAH for the state that she is in rather then my duty station? I am in TX and she is in NY?

Thank u to the people who answered my question before. Thank u so much for your help. But I got totally different answers and wanted to know add some detail and submit it again. I am stationed at Fort Hood and will deploy in about 2 months. My Fiance is in New York where I am origianally from. We talked about moving her down here but made no sense with me deploying, she doesn't know anyone out here. We were going to wait but decided to get married next month since I am stop lossed. I've heard that my wife would receive BAH for Fort Hodd area no matter where she is at. But that seems unfair because New York is an expensive place to live and why would I ask my wife to move to an unfamiliar place when I'm about to leave? I justed to see if there were some situations where my wife can receive Bah for the state she is in rather then my duty station. Thank you!

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    I'm afraid to say that Pat V is absolutely correct. BAH is based upon the average cost of rent for the geographic area where you are stationed. Here is a question and answer that I pulled off

    Q.8: Why do you base BAH on my duty location? Why not use my residence location?

    A: The policy decision to use duty location as a basis for entitlement to BAH is based on the desire to compensate members for the typical housing cost within a "reasonable commuting distance" from the member's duty location. Once the duty station is known, the BAH compensation is fixed, regardless of where the member lives. Were we to use the member's residence location as a basis for the entitlement, there is the concern that this would cause members to choose their residence location based on BAH. In some cases, this would lead to the perverse result of members choosing to live further from their duty station, simply to incur higher BAH. In other cases, when members commute to lower cost hinterlands, members would find their BAH to be lower, even though their commuting expenses are higher. The Services decided to base the entitlement on the duty location, with the full knowledge that members would still be free to live where they choose, but that this decision would not affect their BAH entitlement.

    In certain circumstances, with specific approval of the secretary of the Service concerned, a member may be granted an exception to receive BAH based on the dependent's location. For example, if a member has a sick child that requires medical attention only available in a certain location (say Walter Reed Clinic in Washington DC), and the member receives PCS orders, the member might leave his family in Washington and request BAH eligibility for that location. Such exceptions do not ordinarily apply to "finishing out the school year" or spousal employment.

    I would also point out that DOD is cracking down on violaters of BAH regs. I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan and I have gotten several emails on people that have been busted for such violations. Good luck

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    The housing allowance you speak of is intended to assist military members with the cost of living at the assigned location. It will vary as the location of the assignment varies. Where your wife "chooses" to live is irrelevant to those allocating housing allowances.

    You need to get all the information available that will apply to you and your family. Check first with your supervisor and get direction where and whom you can get the information.

    Everyone's situation isn't the same. Seek out expert opinion on Ft. Hood.

    Good luck on the next few years in the service....

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  • Start with your chain of command; someone should be able to tell you how the housing allowance works.

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    Why dont you just ask the people in the housing office or maybe try finance.

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