What is the most pressing problem the world is facing?

The rapid increase in global warming is melting the ice caps, increasing global temperature, raising ocean levels, destroying marine coral and countless other species, creating dramatic changes in climate (long term not just short term weather) and promising death and destruction over the next few decades. We have passed or are just about to pass the point of no return.

If the world is rapidly being turned into toast should the world be devoting so much of its energies to any other problem or should it overwhelmingly focus on ways of halting climate change.



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    That isn't the pressing problem.. it is just one CONSEQUENCE of many, due to manipulation of information by big interest groups.

    I mean, take a lab rat, put it in a box, start a fire on one end, put food on the other end, and look at the 'free choice' the rat makes. Which way will it go you think?

    I didn't force the rat.. it made it's own 'free choice'. Or did I make the choice? I did.. I controlled its choice..

    This is the 'free choice' that america has today.. everybody believes they are free, however, they are like lab rats in a box. Any smart person knows that you can not choose options not offered to you.

    The truth is, "free choice" is not absolute but relative to your level of conciousness, and the latter depends on proper diverse media very much lacking in the USA today.

    It is the country that causes most environmental pollution per capita.. amercan's consume 7 times more than asians, and 40% of the world's natural resources (despite making up only 4% of the world's population). 99% of the gas is burned just to drag around the weight of the SUV's themselves, and only 1% goes to the human payload inside it, daily.. people depend on their cars to cross the street, to do their grocery shopping or to return the rented video to the stores around the block.

    In another discussion, someone asked "This morning I woke up and felt the urge to save the world and nature, where do I begin?". I answered "Start with putting bananas in SUV tail pipes". Might keep millions of people dying in a next flood, with rising sea levels and other climate changes.

    Source(s): See how media manipulates (dutch with mostly english footage): http://www.vpro.nl/programma/tegenlicht/aflevering... http://www.outfoxed.org/
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    I think the issue is a loss of opportunity for Americans. When it costs so much just to live- when the minimum wage has been $5.50 an hour for 10 years- how can anyone get ahead? How can anyone become anything? I understand global warming is a pressing issue but what's the point when our children are starving and most can't get medical care? Why worry about the ice caps when a father fractures his wrist and his family goes hungry for the cost of an x-ray. Thanks for the "question" and for the discussion but I guess I can't see it as being quite as a pressing a subject.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If we could wipe the B.S. off the issues, we'd see the real problems and I'm confident people would take notice and action.

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  • You have heard it said. That the love of money is the root of all evil. I'm here to tell you. The root of all evil is PRIDE.

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    Apathy is our biggest problem. I would go in to it, but I don't care!

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