Should Mexico have to pay for the medical bills of illegals in the USA?

Illegals are crippling the healthcare system of many of the southern states. The county hospitals, paid for by the taxes of the citizens, are hit especially hard. Every time we pay for a illegal to have healthcare, that is less money for the care of poor people here legally, it puts an end to the hope for clinics, research and well care.


Please check out the news clip provided via the link, above.

If a citizen...say me....doesn't pay a hospital bill, they will TAKE MY HOUSE. Most illegals don't own homes.

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    I can't believe some of the stupid answers you got on this one. Are you ready for a good answer?

    Hell yes! Mexico should have to pay for health care costs for illegals! I am sick and tired of my tax money being wasted on these criminal leeches! Why do unthinking people think that the US owes Mexico a living? Not only that....Mexico should have to pay for prison bills that their illegals accumulate and educational funding for so many anchor babies!

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    gezz, and it keeps getting worse. So if we have that happen then all Countries would be responsible for paying back. The US helps alot of Countries. With all kinds of problems.

    But set and ask yourself this Question is our medical facilities, hospitals having problems with just Mexicans not paying there bills? I would have to say not. When you work as a social worker you see all kinds. I blame this on the Gov. rather you are from another Country or right here from the United States'

    I think that it is so easy for people to blame all that has went wrong in this country on the illegals. But i would have to say that the American also take advantage of what they can to. And i see it all day long.


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    It wont happen...but you bet your sweet bippy it should! Look up Mexico's Health benefits criteria for Mexican and non-citizens health care. All of the US citizen "anchor babies" might qualify because they have duel citizen ships.

    Mexico is in the business of exporting it's poor. Ever met a rich illegal alien or one who brought insurance with them.....don't think so.

    My family has no insurance and we live in a state, that borders Mexico, that does not have "County Hospitals" so we do without seeing a Dr. or getting what used to be called checkups. Bitter about dollars being used in our hospitals and schools for illegals, and it's not just people from could say that!

    Hey Dallas...Ft Worth is doing what you say you can't.

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    Mexico is a poor country with an economy dependent on the USA. When we stop the Mexicans from migrating here to find work to support themselves and their families in Mexico, that country will collapse. A collapsed country at your border cannot be held at bay. Desperate neighbors result in neighborhoods that look like the middle east.

    There is plenty to go around for all of us. Americans are very caring people as are Mexicans. They aren't coming here ro spead terrorism. They are coming to feed their children. We could not be able to sleep at night hearing screams and cries of hungry and sick people on the other side of a fence.

    You can demand that Mexico pay for the health care of their citizen here but "you can't squeeze blood from a turnip". We have to come with a more creative solution to solve the crisis in health care for us all.

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    Damn skippy they should. I don't have insurance and I know that when I have had an emergency I don't like getting hit with that $700 bill. But if I were a Mexican here with my 18 cousins and no job that I could legally put on paper, here comes the government to pay for it. MY government. Not theirs. My tax dollars can't pay for MY needs? F*U*C*K* that!!!! We need to send them back on the little beat up Geo Metro egg they rode in on.

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    1 decade ago

    Well of course it should but because our government is so stupid, they will never pay.. YOU and I must pay and it is NOT fair.. I did NOT ask to pay for the millions and millions of dollars that it is costing. I think the extreme left in our political system should pay and if I was a dictator here. I would tell Kennedy, Durban, Barbara Boxer, Bush and many other leftists that they have to pay FROM THEIR OWN POCKETS... I would really do just that.

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    Thank you for your to the point question. The answer is obviously no, but people seem to be running from these common sense questions. Can't get emotional when you cut right to the point. I am getting tired of being called a racist when I say illegal immigration is wrong. HELLO-- ILLEGAL. ILLEGAL. ILLEGAL. When you live in, or wish to live in a country, smart thing tod do--obey the laws!!

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    1 decade ago

    That would be a good idea! I bet they'd find a way to stop them from coming over the border then and then we could deal with the other illegals who may be here to harm us. But how would you get the Mexican government to pay their bills?

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    the illegals arent all mexican but yes I agree that there should be other countries that have to pay or force the families of the illegals to pay, maybe then they will think about coming here, they should be fined as well for the cost of deportation.....

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    Trillions of dollars on a war for profit and oil and you are worried about a few dollars spent on Mexicans who get free health care?

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