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My jack russell got bit my a tick and she tried jumping , it hurt her so now she wont jump anything i can do?


she did have lyme disease we went to the vet and she dont have it any more she just is afraid to jump

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    Dude,have you ever heard of the vet? Take her there!

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    How long ago was she considered clear of Lyme Disease?

    It sounds like her leg is sore - maybe there's something else going on? Take her back to see the vet again and check her leg.

    This doesn't sound like anything to do with a tick bite....

    I bet she injured her leg some other way. Go have it looked at.

    Why did she get a tick????

    There are many good products out there that keep the ticks off.

    Good luck to her....

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    If you didn't try removing the tick you should maybe do that, but I think it is best if a Vet does that if it hurts her when she jumps. If you do remove it you got to check to make sure that the tick pinchers are out of her skin also. I LOVE all animals and baby animals. I have a Jack Russel Terrior and I also have a Mixed-Breed.

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    She may have Lyme diease. See vet. I like Jack Russell's!

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    See a vet. My sister"s dog had lyme disease and he couldn't move around much

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    i think that a trip to the vet is in the near future.

    she might think that jumping is what made her so sick.

    give her time as long as the vet says that she is ok and she will get back to normal eventually.

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    Take her to the Vet!

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    if your jack russell is acting passive and non-active - take your jack back to the vet. this is totally opposite of how they should be acting.

    go now. and good luck.

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    Your should go to yuor local vet and see what they can do about the tick!

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    Go see a vet and if that does not help, go see a dog specialist or trainer.

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