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Sk8er Boi asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

How can I get over the anxiety due to my results?

theyre due on monday and i'm going INSANE

please help me!!!

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    What will be will is okay to think the worst and hope for the best,..I pray that your results will be the ones you want. I pray that you will take the good results, and use them to your advantage...I pray that it is nothing serious, and hope you will pray too, and let us know so if you need support, we will all be here for you. xo God Bless

  • 1 decade ago

    Results on what? Look - think of it this way - what's the worst thing that could happen to you if the results were not in your favor? Breathe deep and try to relax. The world will not explode once the results (whatever they are) come. Anxiety, believe me, is not caused by external factors other than our very own nerves and mindset. Try to relax. If the results come, they will come. If they are not so good, so be it. Then you can choose what to do from there. But for now- heck - try to live and enjoy your life.

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