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Democracy is hypocracy?

democracy claims that it works on the basis that everyone can contribute and idea and that it will go on the best idea, on the contrary democracy is based on majority opinion, a singular voice has no voice in this country, democracy is a horrible system that does not allow for every voice to be accounted for

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Pure Democracy has never claimed to be about the "best idea". As the Philisophe Rouseau pointed out, democracy is the best form of Government because it allows for the the majority of the people to get what they want. the problems with pure democracy are numerous. In Greece, I think it was Athens, where they practiced pure democracy every citizen was required to vote. if there is not a stiff punishment for a failure to vote Pure democracy will not work. One of the other problems as you pointed out is that Majority rules. This can be a good thing it can also be very bad. If the majority votes to so something like Kill all the babies, in democracy that is considered the "right" thing to do because it is what the vote said. This is the reason that in America we do not have a democracy. In the United States of America we have, as established by the founding fathers, a Democratic-Republic. In a democratic-republic (dr) the people vote for their representatives who then vote for all of the policy. this makes it possible to have a country in which all residents can be citizens. In a pure democracy the citizens must spend so much time voting that they have time for nothing else. this leads to slavery in order to have a working economy and a democracy. By electing Representatives the citizens are Proxying their right to vote to another person. this means that the citizens are able to participate in the economy and the Government. the citizens may write to the representative to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction about votes, but this takes a much smaller amount of time thanit would if you had to vote every day.

  • 1 decade ago

    Most political systems seem right to the people who think them out and implement them. In theory communism is a good idea, but look how many people have been enslaved by it. I am personally glad to live in a democratic society. Most of my life I have been able to enjoy the things I worked for. I am glad that I have not lived here as a rich man, because I am 72 years old and I can see most of my life as I have lived it in this country. I have said what I think, wrong or right, I have never discriminated against another American, and like most real Americans, You don't want to make me mad, because I will try to get you fair and square, but if you are a real dirtbag I might bushwhack you. that means If you hurt women and children in any way, or you bully people, you could go on my list. You could rob a bank and not hurt anyone, I might applaud you, but if you hurt anyone while you robbed it I could turn you into a flexin pretzel and then bushwhack you.

  • 1 decade ago

    The sysytem works on the smaller scale, such as a Town or local level. But when you reach a national level, you cant listen to evey single person.

    The Majority is the voice, we assume that the majority of people agree with the idea, so we put that idea into action. The minority can still voice, they just need to talk to others to get there idea out there, so otheres can decide and become a majority.

  • 1 decade ago

    No offense but you are confused at the problem: our form of democracy is not the problem. The problem is capitalism. Capitalims breeds greed and always ends with evolving about money. The people with the money will always have a louder voice than those without the money in a capitalist society.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Exactly. That's why we were founded as a Republic rather than a democracy.I pray for a movement to return power and money to the states and the federal government as the tie that binds rather than one big state called The United State of America.

    The wonderful things that could be achieved if the 2 party system would loosen it's stranglehold on the money and power that they so ferociously covet. You are correct .

  • hunter
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    1 decade ago


    What's the old saying?

    Democracy is very bad, but everything else is worse?


  • Emm
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    1 decade ago

    Somebody disagreed with you, huh? It happens. You don't get your way all the time. Better get used to it.

  • 1 decade ago

    cuba might be a better place for you.

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    1 decade ago

    too many voices. too many people.

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