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Anonymous asked in HealthOther - Health · 1 decade ago

Is it safe to do a de-tox fast if you have hypoglycemia?


Pegusus, I'm not de-toxing from drugs or anything like that; I've never done drugs; this de-tox is for cleansing the liver of toxic substances like pesticides from vegetables and toxins from meats. Thanks anyway.

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    Ok. It is probably the hypoglycemia that caused you to get hooked in the first place. Whatever you were taking/doing substituted for sugar, slowed down insulin or caused increases in your adrenaline (which puts sugar into the bloodstream). So before or while you detox you have to treat the hypoglycemia - or it will only get worse.

    Hypoglycemia does not have a pill or medication yet. Eating a diet that stresses protein (poultry and fish (salmon) are best, unless you are a vegetarian and then soy is very good), low glycemic carbohydrates (look up a glycemic index) and good fat (olive oil for cooking, almonds or peanuts for snacking), is a good idea before, during and after detox.

    For further tips, check out

    Source(s): is a website run by Hypoglycemics United to Foster Awareness, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation. Pegasus 90 is a co-founder and the current president of the organization.
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    I was told by a lecturer at my university that those detox programs do not do anything.

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    under medical supervision ...yes...I'm not sure I'd try it at home.

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