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What do you think of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard?

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    I think L Ron Hubbard while obviously a clever man, was a total con artist, a scam, a fraud, a despicable being trying to pray off others. Ron lied about his life from start to finish to give his brain child dianetics and scientology more credibility; fortunately in our day of paperwork and recordkeeping Ron couldn't do anything about the truth, it was still there...

    "Back in the 50s, a man named Lafayette R. Hubbard (aka L. Ron Hubbard) got tired of writing cheap pulp fiction for a penny a word, and founded a religion. He called it Scientology. Along with this peculiar and secretive organization, he crafted himself a whole new history in which he was an explorer, an educator, a genius, a humanitarian, and a war hero. Although he fancied himself as a visionary, he never conceived of an Internet or the Freedom of Information Act. The former launched a worldwide movement to expose the vicious and criminal abuses of the organization he created. The latter exposed him as a fraud, a liar, and a charlatan."

    Here is a look at his life:

    Here is a look at his death, while taking the psych drugs he moaned that no one else shoud take?!?!?

    Wonder where he pulled scientology from if he didn't too the research, learning or gained any experiences he said he did?

    Look here:

    Ron often told people he was a war hero? Really? Let's take a look:

    Here are lots of official documents concerning Hubbard which proves he was a lying scumbag.

    Yes a mediocre sci-fi writer, an excellent fraudster

    Or here I think this critic puts it quite well:

    "L. Ron Hubbard was a disgusting human being and a disgrace to the human race. Any resource, be it time, money or energy, devoted in reverence to him or his drivel is a pox upon the human race. The unfortunate souls who feed his legacy, in any form with any currency, should be helped. Additionally, all must be done to help prevent all such unfortunate souls from inflicting harm upon the rest of civilization. While the monetary aspect of the "church" or any other form of scientology is disconcerting, it is far from the only toll it takes upon humanity. Whether on a select group or over the entire whole of humanity, L. Ron had a negative effect on mankind and his legacy continues to have a negative effect on the human race. The sooner LRH is demystified in all his forms, the better off the human race is." FunkMr

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    L. Ron Hubbard grew to become into interested in magic till now he created Scientology and Dianetics. He grew to become right into a chum of Jack Parson's who grew to become into on the time the pinnacle of the american financial ruin of the OTO, Ordo Templi Orientis. It grew to become into particularly occultism yet i don't call it black magic. A authentic account of Mr Hubbard's involvement with the OTO could be latest in J Gordon Melton's Thelemic Magic in usa - the Emergence of an determination faith.

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    One of the greatest men to ever live. He left us all with an answer to life's problems and a way through which to solve them - to use one word, Friend.

    "A world without insanity, without criminals and without war - where the able can prosper, honest beings have rights and man is free to reach greater heights are the aims of Scientology" L Ron Hubbard.

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    I think he must have been a brilliant businessman... a long time ago, I did a search about Scinetology and L. Ron Hubbard, just out of curiosity. I found this:

    I thought it was rather interesting. LOL

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    Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, out there where the buses don't run, stranded in the Breakdown Lane for Brains in a Yugo with a flat tire and one cylinder running out of three with four possible, tow-truck coming in from the Twilight Zone with nobody driving.


    Now the people who think of scientology as a legitimate religion, they make old L. Ron look like a pillar of mental health. Did you ever see that episode of South Park? Imagine that in real life, but a thousand times weirder.

    Help Me! I'm possessed by the souls of million-year old space monkeys and I can get fixed if you hook me up to a pair of handle vibrators. Just send me two-hundred-forty-three dollars so I can get fixed up today and more help next Tuesday if I'm not-yech-goo-daa-whoop!whoop!


    Source(s): I guess it's no weirder than Pat Robertson or Hal Lindsay or that Bob Tilton fella that prays on his knees crawling over scads of money with his eyes crossed while Speaking In Tongues even though he just grabbed the cash and threw away all the poor people's prayers he was supposed to be praying over for them. Any show-biz religion that demands money is bull$hit. God made their brains, too. Mine still works fine, and after all the crap I did to it back in the 70s. Maybe all you El Ron Truth Seekers should take your Space-Monkey money and buy a Foo King clue.
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    I know he stole a boat from Jack Parsons (the Scientist that developed the payload system fot the atomic bomb) and in the process took his wife too. He was an all around not so nice guy.

    Edit, I had listed the scientist's name as Robert Parsons, sorry I just woke up.

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    No one can surprise God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jeshua and Mohammed. He sends His law and confirms--that in essence is the manifestation behind the Hebrew words that form Deuteronomy in English (it shall be stated twice). JHVH God sends His prophets to announce events and then He confirms them. An unannounced prophet, without any prior prophesies, that performs no miracles, you should know without a shadow of a doubt that He does not represent the God of Abraham, Jeshua, Isaac, Jacob and Mohammed-except in disobedience to God's work and even those are according to specific prophetic codes in the Torah.


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    He was a science-fiction writer who never made it to the top ranks with the likes of Asimov, Heinlein and Clarke, but sure wanted to.

    He was opinionated, aggressive, superior in attitude. What I term an Alpha wannabe jerkasaurus.

    His mishmash of heretical pseudo-theology, science-fiction nonsense that is largely based on E.E. (Doc) Smith's Lensman series is the height (or depth if you prefer) of silly.

    But...unlike his s-f work, THIS made him rich and famous. And he was happy til he died; when he undoubtedly got the shock of his afterlife!

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    I think he was merely an average talented science fiction writer.. no where near the talent level of Asimov, Heinlein, Frank Herbert or Carl Sagan.

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    mediocre SciFi writer. Much better researcher. Gathered together alot of great stuff for the Dianetics and Scientology courses.

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