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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicComics & Animation · 1 decade ago

Who right now is currently the Flash? What happened to the one that always bugged Superman?

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    Doubleb747's got it right, except he misidentifies Bart Allen as Barry Allen's nephew. Bart (the current Flash) is actually Barry's grandson, born in a future time line and returned to the present as an adolescent.

    The Flash who bugged Superman, I suppose, was Wally West, who, as noted, disappeared into the Speed Force during the recent Infinite Crisis event.

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    Wally West is no longer the Flash. The latest Flash is Bart Allen. That is the earlier Flash, who is now dead, nephew. Bart Allen use to be Kid Flash, or Impulse while Wally West was Flash.

    The mainstream Flash storyline goes that Barry Allen retired after he was tried for killing the first Zoom. He went into the future to hide out. Then he came back, and saved the universe and died during the first Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Kid Flash of the time, Wally West, became the new Flash. Then, Bart Allen, Barry's nephew, became Kid Flash. Recently, in Infinite Crisis, Wally West got swallowed by the Speed Force (the thing that makes them all run fast) and took his wife and kids with him. So now it appears Bart Allen will be the new Flash, using Barry's old costume. It is unclear if Wally is dead or not, so he probably is not.

    So, basically, that is what happened to all the Flashes

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    King has it right, but he forgot to mention his first name, which is Wally, as in Wally West. The Flash before him was Barry Allen, who saved the Earth during Crisis on Infinite Earths. The "first" Flash was Jay Garrick, again from the All Stars, later The Justice Society of America, and is still around. This Flash wears a silver disc type hat with wings (and a floral delivery company stole that design for their trademark, BTW).

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    West married journalist and longtime girlfriend, Linda Park. After an attack on Linda by a new Reverse-Flash, Zoom, caused a miscarriage, West regretted the public knowledge of his identity. The Spectre wiped the knowledge of the Flash's secret identity from everyone's mind, including West's. He began working as a mechanic for the Keystone City Police, a job that reminded him of Barry Allen (whom he only remembered as a police scientist). Eventually, Batman deduced the truth and restored West's memory. The truth has also been revealed to West's friends in the heroic community, and to Linda Park, who found it difficult to deal with and took some time away from her husband. They are now back together.

    Due to another fight with Zoom, the events leading to Linda's miscarriage were altered, and the miscarriage was erased. Linda soon after delivered twins, leading Wally to reconsider his position as the Flash, aiming to give more time to his newfound family than to the heroic business.

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