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How do u delete add - ons?

So i was looking for activation codes and i came 2 this web site and it gave me a trojan but my computer deleted it .... which was good... and then may computer came up with add ons from the web site ... i disabled them but i want them totally off my computer... god i shouldnt have been looking for that crap lol... well my fault

and when i deleted my account to see if the computer will be better .. so when i made a new accoun the add - ons were still on their and the trojan thing still came up that it was infected ... so yea did ya get that

and if n e more ideas or question just e - mail me please

thanks for the help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A good start would be going to and running both scans, one for antivirus and one for Security (Anti Hack).

    Depending on your result, choose an Antivirus and Antihack utility to run on your computer..

    This having been said, I have run both for years and have STILL lost three computers to this crap.

    The web is a security education.

    It is an education we really need to understand.

    Understand your ports and learn how to protect them. Read Tech sites like PCWorld, PCMag, TechRepublic..............REGULARLY.

    Nothing wrong with ask a geek, except some geeks willing to answer are not good-guys.

    I have had helpful advice here, so far. But my trouble came on a Yahoo toolbar.

    Perspective is everything.

    At the moment I heartily recommend Registry Mechanic, and Adaware.

  • lacy
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    4 years ago

    you in basic terms would desire to bypass to cyber information superhighway techniques. Can do it from administration panel or by using applying clicking on strategies.(on your gadget bar)Then hit instructions. Then there's a glance after upload on field. wish that facilitates

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