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who has more rights in arizona?

My fiancee and i have been together for 2yrs and he has three boys who i just adore and they love being with me. but the only thing is his ex- wife doesn't not like me. she is trying really hard to get rid of me. she has done everything from bad mouth me to him and the kids she had put a CPS report against me saying that i am abusing the boys and she will not let him see his kids becacuse she doesn't want me around them. the thing with the CPS, they told me that they don't have a case on me because there is no proof plus she keeps on changing her story. Also she is telling the kids to say they don't like me and i hit them. but the kids had nothing bad to say about me they say they love being with me and their dad and they also want to come back home. but she won't let them. and he wants to try and get full custody of the boys but the only thing is she told us that she works for CPS and she knows how to work the system to where he will not get to see his kids at all. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, she may work for CPS, but she can never stop him from seeing his kids. He is entitled to visitation whether it is supervised or unsupervised, and if she doesn't do it, it is an automatic contempt of court charge and a fine and maybe even jail time if she doesn't comply. The bigger thing is that if the kids want to be with their dad, she will eventually cause the kids to turn against her, so she needs to watch herself. Tell your man to go and get those kids. Also, go and get a kit to tape phone conversations, or conversations in person. A good non-iPod MP3 player will do just as well for in person conversations,since some of them have the ability to be voice recorders. A taped conversation(make sure you are following your states wiretapping and recording laws) to get eveidence against her, and also write down every time any of you interact, what was siad or done, and hold onto that information also. The more ammunition you have, the more things will go your way.

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    1 decade ago

    i live in AZ but i don't know the laws that well i suggest u hire council to help u.

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