does anyone remember the sequel to wizaed of oz?

i dont remember much about it except that dorthy had t go back and help the wizard

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes - it was Return to Oz. In 1985, Disney attempted to make a sequel to the 1939 MGM Film by combining two later Oz books (The Land of Oz and Ozma of Oz) into one story. It is not really true to either of the books, but does have a Baum-esk journey storyline. The beginning is a little creepy - Dorothy gets sent to a mental hospital for shock treatments...When Dorothy gets to Oz, everything, even the Yellow Brick Road, is in chaos. Everyone in the Emerald City has been turned to stone.

    In her journey, she meets TikTok the machine man (completely invented by L. Frank Baum WAY before robots), Billina a chicken from her Kansas farm, Princess Mombi (a combo of the evil witch Mombi and Princess Langwidere in the books), the evil Nome King, the flying Gump, and Jack Pumpkin head. Want to be really confused? In Return to Oz, Jack refers to Ozma (who has been confined to a mirror by the evil Mombi) as his real "mom." In The Land of Oz, Ozma was transformed into a boy named Tip so she/he could not become the rightful ruler of Oz. As a boy, she made Jack Pumpkinhead and he accompanied Tip on his journey to the Emerald City.

    The Oz books are full of things like this. There are 14 original ones by L.Frank Baum and over 40 in the series

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    Return to Oz -- great sequel -- she ran into the little robot guy, nome king and the wheelers....I'm gonig to attach a link...enjoy!

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    Yeah, Return to Oz, with the witch-woman who chopped off other women's heads and used them as their own...

    I haven't seen it for years, but it disturbed me as a kid immensely.

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  • PG
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    1 decade ago

    return to oz.

    staring fairuza balk.


    that's the only one i can think of.

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