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Can I get fireflies in California?

I know they come from grubs. Does anyone mail the grubs so you can watch them become fireflies? Also would it be legal to have them in California?

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    Yes but it looks like they're Pink Glow Worms and found in the Sierra Foothills.

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    5 years ago

    july 29,2014 In the late evening to early morning hours I steped out onto my condo balcony to have a smoke and saw a sight that I feel very privileged to see. On a bush right in front of me as a swarm of lighting bugs (fireflys)covering about six square feet. There was about thirty of them and I was amazed at how bright they were. I had believed that there were none in CA but this proved to me that they are here. I live in the San Diego area and

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    We have lots of them in NC and our San Fracisco friend goes nuts when he comes here and sees them. Doubt they would do well there, but I am not sure.

  • jit
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    Disneyland has them

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